Friday, April 03, 2020

These MacBooks will hit Apple’s dreaded ‘vintage and obsolete’ list soon

Cult of Mac

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Roundup: Best kid focused apps and podcasts to help with social distancing


Wednesday, April 01, 2020

How To Use iCloud Drive To Sync Files Between Mac, iPhone And iPad

Macworld UK

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Click to export albums from Photos for macOS? It’s not quite that easy


Monday, March 30, 2020

Apple releases new COVID-19 app and website based on CDC guidance


Friday, March 27, 2020

How to Block Unwanted Text Messages on Your Mac (and iPhone/iPad)

The Mac Observer

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Safari - Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How to use Group FaceTime


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How To Clean A Mac: Keep Your iMac Or MacBook Free Of Germs And Dirt

Macworld UK

Monday, March 23, 2020

KootenayMac home office is closed and will not be mailing items during Covid-19

Phone and internet communication remains active - local pickup is discouraged also - thanks and stay safe

Apple confirms devices left for repair at retail stores can’t be picked up due to COVID-19


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Apple Computer Vintage Logo Wall Clock

"A is for Apple" was an '80's Apple ad campaign. This analog Apple clock measures approximately 10 inches in diameter, has a white frame with clear plastic lens over the face, and the quartz movement runs on one AA battery. The clock is from GoldenOldieClocks of Post Falls Idaho and is not a genuine Apple product but would go well in any Apple collection. It is not silent, the ticking is audible, but it keeps accurate time and is large enough to read across the room. This clock is priced at $35 plus shipping at cost or local pick up. To inquire contact Dave via

the original "A is for Apple" ad

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Very hard to find "i think therefore iMac" buttons

For sale - several NOS "i think, therefore iMac" pinback  buttons. These buttons show the original iMac; the Bondi was the first iMac ever made. These pins have become rare since the introduction of the iMac in 1998. They are priced at $20 each and that includes postage. Some Apple Bondi shirts, posters, banners and a complete original Bondi iMac computer and parts are also available. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Classic Macintosh Power Computing T-shirt

This is a Power Computing size XL promo t-shirt from the 1996 ad campaign. It has awesome graphics from an Apple authorised Macintosh clone manufacturer. The shirt is not new, it has been worn once and then stored for over 10 years. It has only been washed one time and that was by hand. You may never find another one of these shirts for sale. The front with the company logo on it is no great shakes but the large back graphic by Frank Kozik thunders like Charlton Heston at an NRA convention. This super rare vintage Mac authorized clone promo shirt was purchased from a high-tech collector in Germany. It is priced at $175 and mailing with insurance is available at cost. To inquire contact Dave via
Read more »

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Sun Microsystems JavaOne developer shirt

This is a SUN MICROSYSTEMS JAVA embroidered long sleeve shirt. It is a size Large in very good condition. It has the JAVA coffee cup logo embroidered on the chest and the text below reads JavaOne Developer Conference. The Sun logo is on the left sleeve.

This is a Port and Company brand shirt made in Cambodia. It is a 100% cotton button down casual/work shirt and is reasonably priced at $20. Mailing available at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

Other Java shirts are available, click the Java label below.

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Tips for the Mac user new to working from home


Thursday, March 19, 2020

APPLE Computer logo mug with letter to Mr. Jobs

This mug has the rainbow bitten Apple on one side and a letter to Steve Jobs on the other. It is in excellent condition and appears to be new and unused. It is approximately 3 7/8" tall and has Papel, N Hollywood 91609 on the bottom.

Dear Mr. Jobs, I was doing a crossword puzzle and a clue was " As American as apple _____." I thought the answer was computer but my mom said it was pie.
Xiamara Richards 6 1/2 years old

The letter was used by Apple on the 1985 Apple Collection catalog and in the annual report that year. This very rare mug is priced at $180 and is available for well packed insured mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

click the mug label below to see the other cups and mugs for sale

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Basic black t-shirt with white Apple logo

Apple logo black T-shirt - washed at least once but in good condition with just a bit of scuffing on the white screened bitten Apple logo on the front. Made in Honduras of 100% preshrunk cotton by Hanes Beefy-T. Size is Large, priced at $10 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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How to clean an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch screen (safely)

Macworld UK

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Apple Computer SURF's UP Chiat/Day magazine ad proof

Apple Computer genuine vintage iMac SURF's UP magazine ad proof circa 1999. Who needs surfing lessons when you can just hop onto the internet with an iMac? Simply plug it in and you'll be online surfing in 10 minutes. (No wet suit required). Think Different

The small text at bottom reads: TBWA CHIAT/DAY, INC.LA APPLE Q399-99-P2013A Magazine 4/C. It is printed on glossy magazine paper and measures 50cm wide x 36cm tall or 19.5" wide x 14" tall. This proof was used to create a magazine advertising campaign back in 1998/1999 in Australia. This is the original, genuine ad proof provided by the famous Apple advertising agency. It is priced at $50 and will be mailed, at cost, in a heavy cardboard tube with insurance. A second ad is also available - click the Chiat/Day label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Apple iPod Classic 3rd gen launch t-shirt

Five of these shirts are on hand, 2 Medium, a Large, an XL and a 2XL. They are Hanes Beefy-Ts made of 100% preshrunk cotton. These shirts were made to announce the LIVE On Stage promo for the 3rd generation iPod Classic on 5.2.03. The LIVE event took place at the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, CA with DJ Hawkeye "spinning" 2 iPods.

They are both worn and washed shirts with some cracking on the screened graphic as shown on the front picture (left), but are still fine collectible mementos of Apple's meteoric music evolution. The price is $25 each plus postage. But wait -- there's more! There is a companion LIVE On Stage poster available also and shipping can be combined as the shirt fits inside the poster tube. Click the LIVE label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Vintage Apple Tangerine G3 Clamshell iBook collection

This is a one owner Tangerine G3 300MHz iBook. It comes with a matching carrying case, manual and original yoyo adapter. It is running OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar, with the original but noisy hard drive and a new replacement battery. It is clean, in good condition and fully functional. It is priced at $190 with optional extras as shown. The Macworld poster, Think Different Tangerine t-shirt and genuine Apple mouse pad plus an iBook promo brochure and pen are available separately or as a set. All shipping at cost of postage. Click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

read about the original clamshell iBook at

>> click for more computers available at Kootenaymac

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1995 Apple New Media World Tour long sleeve shirt

This is a hard to find New Media Forum long sleeve shirt. The forum was held in Cannes, France in 1995. This shirt is a size XL Cotton Deluxe made in the USA of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The New Media Forum World Tour '95  logo is embroidered on the front and is in excellent condition and the shirt fabric is in good condition. It is priced at $10 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via


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How to force Safari to open tabs the way it should

Cult of Mac

Monday, March 16, 2020

Vintage 90's Apple t-shirt IBM I Bought Mac

This is a rare and classic white Apple Macintosh size Large t-shirt. It is from the 1994 MacWorld Expo in Boston. It has the often punned take on IBM: I Bought Mac. It features a rainbow IBM on the front. It is a Hanes Beefy-T size Large made in the USA of 100% cotton. It appears to be brand new old stock; it was stored for many years by an Apple collector in Hawaii.

While quite a popular play on the IBM logo from back in the day, this theme is becoming very rare as they go into collections and seldom come out. Big Blue was not happy with the use of their logo and the picture with the Applized IBM has been removed from page 179 of the '97 edition of the Apple T-Shirt Book. A mid-80's blue variation is shown on page 13 with the text I Build Macs. This shirt is priced at $90 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Super rare Apple clone Power Computing Sluggo Intel kick-ass T-shirt

This is an extremely rare Power Computing T-shirt, size XL. It is a Fruit of the Loom Heavy 100% preshrunk cotton made in the USA. It was created when Intel's fastest Pentium processor was only 200MHz, and Power Computing released a new model with a 225MHz PowerPC chip. The original owner was given this shirt as a gift circa 1997. He never wore or washed the shirt, it had been in his closet for over ten years. Here is a close-up of the front.
Read more »

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Predictions of the macOS Finder's demise never happened

Apple World Today

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Vintage Macintosh Apple II Lapel Pin

This is a vintage Apple Computer pin from the 1980's that was distributed by the Apple Education Dealers. It was given to students who participated in the Apple II tutorial in school or to customers who took the in-store sessions. Graduates of this very popular program received their "wings" upon completion.

The pin is new-old-stock-in-original-box and the box measures 1 3/4 by 1 inch. The pin is 1 1/4 inch long and has a butterfly clasp on the back. It is priced at $28 plus postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Vintage Apple Mouse Platinum M0100 NIB

New Old Stock: one (1) vintage Apple Mouse Platinum, model # M0100, part # 661-0400, made in Japan. The mouse appears to be new and unused, and is in an the original Apple Service box. There are no apparent marks or blemishes anywhere on this mouse, and it is still in what appears to be its factory plastic packaging. A note found in the box indicates this VGA mouse, a replacement for a Mac Plus mouse, had been ordered by an Apple Service provider for a customer, but the customer never picked it up. The enclosed New Brunswick invoice dated 6/22/98 lists the total price as $132.24. It is now $55 in the original box - with shipping at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Gamestop NVidia GeForce Nalu the Mermaid T-shirt

"Graphics To Drench Your Senses" NVidia "Nalu the Mermaid" T-shirt. Size XL , black, 100% cotton made by Fruit of the Loom Lofteez in El Salvador of USA fabric. Brand new, never worn or washed and in mint condition. The silk screening on this GeForce Graphics t-shirt is in excellent condition with no cracking or peeling of the NVidia logos and graphics. The mermaid is on the back as shown, GameStop is on a sleeve and a small NVidia logo is on the left chest. This is an ultra rare NVidia promo shirt from the Las Vegas GameStop Convention. It is priced at $30 with mailing at cost. There is a size Medium also available, click the NVidia label below. To inquire contact Dave via

Old NVIDIA Demo - Nalu [720p HD] - YouTube

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GOOGLE 2007 Summer of Code T-shirt

New black Google T-shirt with Summer of Code 2007 graphic printed on the front. A Tiki mask with a mouth full of binary code is printed on the back. The fabric is preshrunk 100% cotton. It is a size Medium Beefy-T made in Honduras for Hanes.

From Wikipedia: The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program, first held from May to August 2005,[1] in which Google awards stipends to hundreds of students who successfully complete a requested free software / open-source coding project during the summer. The event draws its name from the 1967 Summer of Love and the idea for the SoC came directly from Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

This shirt is sourced from a high tech collector in Cupertino, California. It is priced at $18 and is available for mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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macOS Catalina vs Mojave: Is Catalina better than Mojave?

Macworld UK

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Vintage NOS Apple Power Mac G4 Cube T-Shirt

This is a brand new old stock, never worn, never washed original Apple promotional shirt. It was issued to dealers and resellers for the July 2000 launch of the PowerMac G4 Cube.  On the front is the image and text Power Mac G4 Cube over "So Much Technology. So Little Space." On the upper back a small Apple bitten logo and "Think Different". The AGP "Sawtooth" G4 Cube was designed by Jonathan Ive and is in the industrial design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

This rare and mint Apple collectible shirt is a size XL Hanes Beefy-T made of 100% preshrunk cotton. It was assembled in Mexico from USA made components. It is priced for the discerning Apple memorabilla collector at $135 plus postage at cost.To inquire contact Dave via

read about the Power Mac G4 Cube at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
read about the Think Different campaign at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MoMA | The Collection | Jonathan Ive, Apple Industrial Design Group. G4 Cube Computer. c. 2000

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Classic G3 iMac Flower Power poster. It is from the Apple "Rip Mix Burn" campaign, which caused a bit of controversy because the music industry thought that it promoted stealing music. However, the iTunes music store has since proven that wrong. Measures 22" x 28". This is a great addition to a vintage Apple collection. The poster is in new condition, but it does have a few very small wrinkles on an edge. It is reasonably priced for the collector at $90 and is available for mailing at cost in a cardboard tube. To inquire contact Dave via

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Apple Says It's Okay to Clean Your iPhone Using Disinfectant Wipes - But Be Careful


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

iWoz - first edition hardcover signed by Woz

iWoz, by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith, published 2006, 313 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, First Edition, signed with a Sharpie on title page by Woz, in excellent condition.

Once upon a time, computers looked like big, alien vending machines. They had large screens, cryptic switches, huge boxes, and odd lights. But in 1975, a young engineering wizard named Steve Wozniak had an idea: What if you combined computer circuitry with a regular typewriter keyboard and a video screen? The result was the first true personal computer, the Apple I. Widely affordable and easily understood, Wozniak's invention has been rapidly transforming our world ever since. His life--before and after Apple--is a "home-brew" mix of brilliant discovery and adventure, as an engineer, a concert promoter, a fifth-grade teacher, a philanthropist, and an irrepressible prankster. From the invention of the first personal computer to the rise of Apple as an industry giant, iWoz presents a no-holds-barred, rollicking, firsthand account of the humanist inventor who ignited the computer revolution.

This book is priced at $85 and is available for local pickup in Nelson or mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Macintosh "The Power To Crush The Other Kids" sleeveless shirt

This is a rare 2nd generation version of the NBC Saturday Night Live commercial skit that parodies the Macintosh ad. It is a gray sleeveless size Large Fruit of the Loom HEAVY brand made in the USA of 100% preshrunk cotton.

 It is described on page 184 of the Apple T-Shirts Book and is the sanctioned Apple registered trademark edition that was sold at the San Francisco Macworld in 1996 and then at the original Apple Company Store.

This shirt is in very good condition with some signs of washing on the screened Apple logo which remains quite colorful. The two small ® marks are still visible and the text is crisp. If sleeveless is not your cup of T, it could be cropped and framed as a classic SNL memento. It is priced at $55 with mailing available at cost of postage. There is also a 1st gen short sleeved version and a very rare long sleeve black version available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

Nov '14 update: there is a brand new old stock 2nd gen short sleeve and long sleeve (with ® on both the Macintosh and the rainbow Apple) they are priced at $85 and $95 respectively

MacIntosh Jr, The power to CRUSH the other kids - SNL skit

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Complete Guide to Photo Editing in Photos for Mac

Macworld UK

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Apple iPod Shuffle 1st Gen brand new factory sealed

This is a 1st. generation Apple iPod Shuffle for the collector. The factory seal is intact and it has not been opened or used. It is the original 512 iPod shuffle that came with a neck lanyard and a battery charge that could go for 12 hours. Beyond that you know the details, as you may have had one when they came out and now you can add a factory sealed iDevice to your collection. This game changer mp3 player is priced at $75 plus postage at cost. There is another brand new and unused shuffle identical to this one with the only difference being the seal has been cut and an end flap opened once to verify contents. My faux pas is your gain; it is priced at $50 plus actual postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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authentic new-old-stock Bondi iMac intro t-shirt

This vintage Apple shirt has never been opened - it is a new-in-package Hanes Beefy-T size XL t-shirt celebrating the launch of the original Bondi iMac in 1998. The Apple part # L103122A tag is still attached.

This classic promo shirt came directly from Apple to the educational channels when the iMac was launched. It is priced at $60 with postage at cost. A size 2XL of the Bondi launch shirt is also available, click the bondi label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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How to protect your Mac against attack and disaster


Monday, March 09, 2020

Vintage Apple postcard collection

This is a collection of 8 vintage Apple postcards and a Jobs/Mac stamp plus one card made on a Mac clone. Also included as a bonus are two related cards.

The far left 'It's Springtime' card shows a G4 iMac from Mac House in Berlin. At the bottom far left is a new unused bitten rainbow Apple card from the Think Different era. It has a 1-800 number for an Apple authorized reseller and shows the url

In the center left row is a Come See the Apple Computer postcard from California that was sent in the 80's to a client from the Santa Rosa California Computer Center. It features the IIc, IIe, IIGS, the Mac Plus and the Mac SE and offers a rebate on selected add-ons. It is the only one that has been mailed.

The orange Whoa! card is an unused student promo from Australia. The Bondi iMac is from the Design Museum and credits Jonathan Ive - 1998.

The bottom of that column is a 1992 promo for Authorized Apple resellers.

Next column are 3 Think Different cards and at the bottom is a Steve Jobs stamp from the Republic of Guine-Bissau in Africa in MNH condition.

Right column is an Indigo iMac enclosing a racing engine with a blower from - not Apple but tossing it into the collection. Middle right is from National Postcard Week May 5-11, 1985 promoting an Apple clone dealer in Decatur GA. It was designed and printed with a Franklin Ace. There is no handwriting on it and no stamp or postmark and the condition is VG. Bottom right is just a bonus card that looks like the image Apple used on the Yosemite OS.

The collection is priced at $225 and that includes insured postage in a cardboard box. To inquire contact Dave via

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Mac OSX Server 10.3 unlimited client boxed software

Opened box with seemingly unused original Apple OSX Server 10.3 system software with unlimited client license. This is a boxed 4-disk CD set with manuals, 2 disk install set, Admin tools, X-Code CD and 2 white Apple decals. It includes the license code for unlimited client use.

This disk set can be installed on any Mac with a G3, G4 or G5 processor (excluding some upgrade cards), at least 128MB of physical RAM and built in USB. Also on hand is an opened box and possibly unused disks 10.3 Family pack 5 users and an open box 10.3.2 Retail version. All are complete boxes, including stickers. To inquire about prices, click the Read more or contact Dave via
Read more »

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Check out these custom logos Apple made for its October 30th (2018) event

The Verge

(scroll down that page for the larger clickable images)

Saturday, March 07, 2020

Vintage Apple Garamond Font Mousepad

2 Apple Vintage Beige Mouse pads for sale. They were circulated throughout the mid-1990s to promote the Mac Performa and Power Macintosh desktop computer systems at domestic retailers, and were also sold at the Apple Company Store in Cupertino. These mousepads feature a smooth surface, imprinted with Apple's signature Garamond font typeface, on a beige background, designed to match the beige computer casing of the time. They measure 8 3/4" x 7" (213x178mm). These mouse pads are in very good condition, and today are considered to be rare and retro as a popular addition to any Mac collection. They are priced at $20 each, with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Apple rainbow logo decals and stickers

This sticker is a rare and very hard-to-find item for the Apple collector. It is the 6-color logo that Apple no longer uses for their marketing. Genuine Apple product - Apple part number L01970A. The sticker is 2-1/2" by 3-1/4" in size and reads on the back of the sticker: Show your Apple colors! This is a static "no glue" logo for the inside of your car window. (The writing is not on the sticker but the backing that the sticker is on.) This is a fully re-usable sticker -- remove and move to any other window you like! several available, priced at $4 each - add $2 for postage in North America, $4 International. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, March 06, 2020

Intel Core i3 i5 i7 Promo Mouse Pad

This is a brand new Intel promotional mouse pad. It has a comfortable wrist rest made with recycled materials inside a smooth Lycra covered wrist pillow. It measures 8.5" by 9.5" and comes in a factory sealed wrapper. Chances are you are working on an Intel powered computer so get the matching Intel Core mouse pad. Price is $5 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

there are other Intel items available, click the label below

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GOOGLE Dance 2007 T-shirt

This Google Dance 2007 T-shirt is brand new without tags. It is a size Medium and is made of 100% cotton by American Apparel.
* Google Dance logo printed on front.
* Color: Black with classy graphics.
* Size: Men's Medium.
This rare Google t-shirt is priced at $15. A 2006 Google Dance t-shirt available also - click the Google Dance label below. To inquire contact Dave via - mailing is available for all shirts at the cost of the postage.

What is Google Dance? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary

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Facebook kicks off long-awaited Messenger for Mac rollout


Thursday, March 05, 2020

Shepard Fairey style Mac T-Shirt New XL by FastMac

This is a dark blue size XL (Extra Large) Tagless 6.1 Mac t-shirt made by Hanes of 100% cotton in El Salvador. It is designed by FastMac to look like the 2008 "Hope" campaign shirt in the Shepard Fairey style. On the back near the top is the FastMac logo in white. It is new, never worn, never washed in excellent condition. It is priced at $22 and is available for mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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25th Anniversary "1984" stylized Anya Major T-shirt by FastMac

The 25th anniversary of Apple's Superbowl ad t-shirt features a stylized graphic of Anya Major — any similarity between the logo and the star of Apple’s iconic “1984” ad is purely intentional. This shirt was created by FastMac to celebrate Apple's greatest ad campaign. KootenayMac has 3 available for $20 each in sizes M, L and XL and all are brand new old stock from 2009. They are made in Honduras by Hanes Tagless of 100% cotton. To inquire contact Dave via - mailing is available at cost.

Click the 1984 or Anya Major label below for additional info about the Apple ad and other related memorabilia like the 1984/2004 commemorative poster for sale at KootenayMac.

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Nightfall - How to toggle Dark Mode with a keyboard shortcut


Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Vintage Apple PowerMac T-shirt with outta-this-world graphics

This is an Apple Computer Power Macintosh Worldwide Operations employee T-shirt. The back is shown. The front says "We Deliver the Power" with a red Apple logo underneath and "Worldwide Operations" under that. This shirt is featured on page 123 of the Apple T-shirt Book. All Worldwide Operations employees received this shirt commemorating the launch of the PowerMac in 1994. The cheetah represents Sheila Brady, the "high energy" manager of the PowerPC operations and the checkered flag is the completion of the project as the new computer starts rolling off the assembly line. Cheetah eventually became the first of the next gen cat named OS X operating systems, then Puma and the rest is history.

This highly collectible shirt is an Oneita Power-T size XL made in the USA of 100% pre-shrunk cotton in excellent as-new condition. This spectacular shirt personifies the use of graphic design by Apple departments to tell the Apple world "what cool projects you've done." It is priced for the comprehensive Macintosh collector at $145 plus postage. KootenayMac has several shirts from the Apple T-Shirt Book for sale - click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

read about the Power Macintosh G3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and Mac OS X 10.0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Vintage Apple G3 T-shirt with the toasted Intel bunny suit guy

This is a rare old stock Apple employee T-shirt in like new (never worn or washed) condition from the late '90's. It is a size 2XL Lofteez brand shirt made by Fruit of the Loom assembled in Honduras with made in the USA components.

The front has the black bitten Apple logo over G3 and the back has the Toasted Bunny spoof of the Intel guy with the implication that the G3 Macintosh computer has just 'smoked' the Pentium dude and left him in a cloud of WTF. The highly collectible shirt is priced at $50 plus postage at cost. There are other Intel items available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

Apple PowerMac G3 Commercial "Toasted Bunny" Intel Pentium II TV Ad (1998)

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Adobe Unveils Photoshop Updates for the iPad and Mac on Its 30th Anniversary


Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Apple Store opening T-shirt Chinook Centre Calgary

This is a black size XL promo T-shirt from the Apple Store opening at Chinook Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Sept. 27, 2010. It is made by American Apparel of 100% cotton. This shirt is in mint condition in the presentation box shown above the shirt in the photo. It is one of only 1000 made and it has not been opened and is still sealed in the original factory box. It is priced at $60 and will be packed in a larger box with mailing at cost.

There is an identical brand new out-of-box XL Chinook Centre shirt available as well. The box is included but it is flattened which reduces mailing costs. It is priced at $45. Other Apple Store shirts are for sale, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Apple 3rd. gen. iPod launch Live On Stage collection

Shown here is an Apple iPod poster announcing the debut of new iPods at Apple’s Live On Stage event back in '03. Below the poster are 2 Live t-shirts and on top of them is a working 3rd gen 4 button touch wheel 15GB iPod Classic that is currently formatted for Windows and is in good condition. It comes with a new genuine Apple wall charger and new usb and firewire charging and sync cables. The 3rd generation iPod Classic had launched a week earlier on April 28, 2003. The LIVE event took place at the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, CA with DJ Hawkeye "spinning" 2 iPods.

This poster is printed on heavy stock paper and measures 37" x 20". It has  some corner and edge losses, some light scratches on the lower black and some tack holes, yet is in quite good overall condition and will frame up nicely. It is priced at $80.

The matching Apple event promo shirts, available in Medium, Large, XL and 2XL, have all been washed several times and are priced at $25 each. Add in the 3rd gen iPod Classic for $100 and get the collection of a vintage classic iPod, the Live event poster and a shirt of choice for $205 with insured postage included - all mailed in a large heavy cardboard tube. Individual items available as priced plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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macOS Catalina vs Mojave: Is Catalina better than Mojave?

Macworld UK

Monday, March 02, 2020

Dogbert w/Mall TV Apple Store Sale animation art cel

This is an original production art cel from the 1999 season of the Dilbert TV cartoon show. The size is 13"x11". This is the original back painted cel accompanied by a glossy presentation background. It is now a lost art as Dilbert was one of the last hand painted cartoon shows prior to the transition to digital.

These Dilbert episodes originally were broadcast on the UPN network, but you can still see them on the Comedy Central cable channel. This cel was purchased from Nigelwackenfrets in Florida - the only source for the originals. It is highly collectible and is accompanied by certificate that this is an authentic Dilbert TV cartoon production art cel but aside from that this is one fine Apple collectible. It is reasonably priced at $75 unmounted/unframed in the shipping tube. Special cel matting is required. There is another Dilbert/Apple art cell available - click the Dilbert label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Apple employee "Multiple Choice" T shirt

Apple Macintosh graphics yellow store employee T-shirt. Size Large, made by Gildan Activewear, heavyweight cotton. Front reads "Multiple choice" and has graphic icons of Apple products: iMac, iPod Shuffle, G5, Powerbook, Nano etc. Back of t-shirt has a small apple logo. Brand new Apple collectible shirt - never worn or washed. This series is out of production and is becoming hard to find. It is priced at $12 - all KootenayMac shirts are available for mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Font chaos in macOS Catalina and how to deal with it


Saturday, February 29, 2020

Apple Pro Speakers for G4 iMac and PowerMacs

These Apple Pro Speakers feature the powerful Harman Kardon audio technology. The Apple Pro Speakers cannot be used with any computer that does not have an Apple Speaker sound output port. They are compatible with the Power Mac G4 Digital Audio, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 2002, Power Mac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors, Power Mac G4 FW 800, iMac Flat Panel, iMac 17-inch Flat Panel, iMac 1GHz Flat Panel.

Comes in the very hard to find original box with packing and documentation, would be a fine addition to an Apple collection. Awesome sound, as new, priced at $85 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

a second set of Pro speakers without the box is available for $50 - photo on request

read the Apple Support article: Apple Pro Speakers: Compared to Power Mac G4 Cube Speakers

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