Wednesday, October 27, 2021

macOS Big Sur users should update to 11.6.1 right now


MacFest '88 Apple Macintosh Pinback

Vintage University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada MacFest '88 Apple Macintosh Advertising Pinback. The pin is 2 1/8" on a side, in good condition with one small dent near the top. This pin is now available in a collection of 9 pins - click the collection label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

a collection of 6 vintage Apple iPod T- shirts

Top row are 3 Apple Nanochromatic iPod T-shirts. There are two size XL (one is new and one worn twice in the NY Apple store and washed twice) and a new size medium. The front of the shirt says "Nano-Chromatic" in a rainbow gradient lettering, while the left sleeve has a white apple logo and text that says "Specialist". The back of the shirt has the 9 different colors iPod nanos and the text is "The new iPod nano". This shirt was the Apple Store uniform promo for the new 2008 iPod Nano premiere.They are priced at $25 each for the new ones and $20 for the washed one.

Bottom left is a rare size medium black Apple employee T-shirt that was the store uniform for the release of the 2nd generation iPod Nano. The front of the shirt reads "Completely Remastered". The back (shown) features the five 2nd generation iPod Nano colors. The Apple logo is on the left sleeve. This Los Angeles Apple Store shirt has been worn and washed once on day of issue and is in like new condition. It is priced at $22.

Center bottom is a size large t-shirt made in the USA of 100% cotton. It appears to be in new condition. It is a rare Apple employee shirt from the second generation iPod engineering department. The front, shown, reads simply ' iPod Engineering'. The back has the 2nd gen iPod shuffles in 5 colors. This highly collectible Apple staff shirt is priced at $25

Bottom right is a black official Apple iPod Genius T-shirt in a size Large. This t-shirt was distributed circa 2004 by Apple for employee staff as an iPod Classic and Genius introduction promo. There is a white iPod Classic image on the lower front that connects to the ear buds. It is new in the original opened bag and priced at $55.

The total list price for these genuine Apple iPod shirts is $172 USD for the set of 6. Quantity price is $120 plus postage. There is a new black iTunes Genius size large as an optional extra for for $50. For more info on some the shirts click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Vintage Apple logo stoneware mug in original box

This is a brand new and never used original Apple logo stoneware mug from 1997. There is a red bitten apple logo on it and the word Apple is printed in the Garamond font. It was ordered from Apple's marketing company, Starting Line, for customer promos and Apple marketing events immediately after the change from the rainbow logo. It was owned by a long time Apple employee and has been in storage in Grass Valley, Calif. for the last fifteen years. It is brand new and still sealed in the original box (the one beside the box has sold). The price is $65. There are other Apple mugs available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Apple MacWorld 2002 Jaguar Poster

Apple MacWorld 2002 Jaguar Collectible Poster - new condition
* Poster from Macworld NY 2002 (and are now quite rare)
* Introduced 7/17/02 - 7/20/02
* Measures: 28' x 22'
* The caption on the bottom reads: 'Introducing Mac OS X Version 10.2 Jaguar'
* priced at $35 - postage at cost in a cardboard tube

To inquire contact Dave via -- click the labels below to view other posters

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

GOOGLE logo Red Nylon Rain Jacket

GOOGLE logo Nylon Jacket Red Medium NEW with TAGS. Great, soft, water resistant Google logo windbreaker rain shell. Regular retail at the Google Store was $49.99 US.
Google logo printed on front. Windproof/Waterproof.
Grommets under arm for ventilation. Concealed hood in collar.
Critical seam taping. Full front zip fastening.
2 Pockets with reverse access and elasticated cuffs.
Size: Men's Medium. Adjustable drawcord hem.
Color: Red. Fabric: 100% Nylon with Polyurethane coating.
It's the only one around, mailing available at cost and it's reasonably priced at $25. To inquire contact Dave via
Also available are several Google t-shirts, click the label below.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Awesomely Rude Apple poster: Hell Froze Over

This is a rare Apple poster for the 2003 launch of iTunes for Windows. The text is Hell Froze Over. Introducing iTunes for Windows. The best Windows app ever written.

The size is approx. 36" x 24" - it has never been displayed and there are no holes however it does have small edge creases, and one longer crease near the bottom. It is from a private Apple employee collection and is priced at $100 - mailed in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage. There is another one available with no creases, never displayed, for $150. To inquire contact Dave via

Missingbite has had one for a nickel shy of $200 bucks: Hell Froze Over Poster

Apple - iTunes Music Event - Hell Froze Over - 2003 (starts at 19 minutes)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


These are Apple Store employee uniform t-shirts. They are teal blue, size M and XL, and made by American Apparel. Both are brand new. The front of the shirt (pictured left) says "Nano-Chromatic" in a rainbow gradient lettering, while the left sleeve has a white apple logo and text that says "Specialist". The back of the shirt has the 9 different color ipod nanos and the text is "The New Ipod Nano". This shirt was the store uniform promo for the new 2008 iPod Nano premiere and is no longer in production. click here to see the back of the shirt

These Medium and XL Apple iPod "nanochromatic" shirts are priced at $25 with mailing at cost. There is also a size medium (worn and washed twice) and a size XL (worn and washed once) on hand for $20 with postage at cost. Click the Nano label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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iPod Nano-chromatic wallpaper pack


Monday, October 18, 2021

Apple and Macintosh themed license plate collection

This Apple and Macintosh related collection of license plate memorabilia includes a new reproduction 1984 California plate commemorating the launch of the 128 Macintosh - it's the black plate on the left - and it is priced at $40.

The red one is an un-issued Kansas plate with WOZ on it and includes the original un-mailed envelope - the price is $145 - it was signed by Steve Wozniak in August 2015.

The other black plate (on the right) with a rainbow bitten Apple is from the Apple store in Cupertino back in the 80's. It is high gloss plastic with a few scuffs from over the years and is $80.

The Yosemite is an aluminum reproduction celebrating the national park that Mac OS X 10.10 was named after. It is priced at $40.

The beige plate on the right is a hard to find vintage Apple logo from the '80's with the Motter Tektura font that was used for the Apple II logo - it is $120.

Bottom left Macintosh Way is an aluminum street sign with a nod to the Evangelist who wrote a manual of the same name in 1990. It is $35.

The new Think Different license plate frame from Missingbite is $30.

The large rainbow Apple rectangular sign at the top is metal and is a reproduction  - it is $35.

This collection of plates and signs is available for $525 USD with insured postage included in the price. I prefer to sell the plate collection as a set but will remove the large metal sign at the top, and will also sell the Woz plate separately.

There is also a bumper sticker collection. For more info on these items click the labels below and to inquire further contact Dave via

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Friday, October 15, 2021


This is a rare Apple Macintosh iMac "Yin Yang" poster in near good condition. It has never been used or displayed. It is from MacWorld in New York in 2000 and features the Apple G3 Graphite and Snow iMacs. This classic Apple poster measures 24 inches wide by 36 inches in height and is printed on one side of heavy stock poster paper. It has one small (quarter inch) edge tear, no stains or pin holes and just a few light wrinkles from storage over the years. This poster was for promotional purposes only at MacWorld NY and was not sold in Apple stores. It is very reasonably priced at $75 and is available for insured mailing in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Happy Birthday Mac T-shirt collection

This is a set of 5 Happy Birthday Mac T-shirts. They are the Apple 30th Anniversary limited edition commemorative shirt for employees and dealers only and is already very hard to find. The front has a rainbow 3 and the text Happy Birthday, Mac. It celebrates the launch of the 128K Macintosh in 1984. The back reads: Celebrating 30 years of making computers people love.

These brand new highly collectible Apple shirts are made by American Apparel of 100% combed cotton. The tag reads: This t-shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment in Downtown LA, where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits. Four of them are size Large plus a very hard to find size XL in a Women's cut are available. They are priced at $50 each with mailing at cost of postage to your location but I prefer to sell as a set. Buy all 5 for $180 USD and I will cover postage.

The matching white 30th Anniversary Happy Birthday, Mac poster is also availablefor $50 plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Power Computing Sluggo Kick-Ass Kozik Poster MacWorld '96

This rare and controversial poster was designed by Frank Kozik, and features his 'Puggo' version of Sluggo from the Nancy comic. The original owner has this to say about the poster he got at the '96 Boston MacWorld: "It was released at Macworld '96 by PowerComputing, the most successful of the Apple Mac clone companies. Few of the posters were handed out, when one of the "SUITS" decided that they would no longer distribute them. They were removed from the booth and the show-floor locations where they were being handed out."

The stories surrounding this poster include real and threatened lawsuits by the Nancy comic distributor over copyright violations and by Intel for being it's trademark being slagged. The word "ass" was also a sore point at Power Computing. This poster has been mounted professionally on a 1/4" wood backing panel that is not removable. There is a damaged corner in the wood at the bottom left of the frame where it fell from it's wall mount. The poster has no damage except the wrinkle outside the black border (click the image to view) and could be professionally restored.

So while the t-shirt version (also available) circulated for a while, this poster quickly disappeared into private collections. Until now. Add it to your collection for $125 plus shipping at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

For other Power Computing collectibles including the companion T-shirt, click the label below.
Power Computing Corporation - Wikipedia
Power Computing Ad Campaigns

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Apple Evangelist Game Sprockets Shirt

This is a 1997 vintage Apple Game Sprockets black denim long sleeve shirt. This is a one of a kind item created by a former Apple Games Evangelist as the standard Games Sprockets shirts and jackets were blue denim. This shirt was never available for sale and no other black versions exist.

It is a size Large in very good shape, having been in storage in Seattle for 9 years. It has a large embroidered "gears" logo on the back and a smaller design on the front. The shirt was made by Port Authority. It may have been washed a few times but the embroidery is still a glowing gold as bright as it was when new (it is possible the shirt was stone-washed prior to the design being embroidered on). Click image for a much larger view and click here for shirt front photo

This rare and collectible period of Apple history shirt is very reasonably priced at $145 and shipping is available at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

Mac OS: What is a Game Sprocket?
Evangelism Marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Monday, October 11, 2021

for sale: a collection of approx. 100 vintage Apple and computer related shirts

fully retired now and want to liquidate remaining items in a 15 year Apple/Macintosh collection of about 100 t-shirts, with 2 short sleeve button shirts, one long sleeve button shirt, a Picasso Mac sweatshirt, half dozen Gmail and Google shirts, a dozen hard to find Power Computing shirts. Offers around $3000 USD wanted on the entire shirt collection. Click the labels below for more info on most of them. Many are new, all old stock, some quite rare - most sizes, a few women's also - some unlisted, stored in ziplock bags. Also available are Apple mugs, an Apple blanket, around 50 posters and several jackets as well

To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, October 08, 2021

WOZ Shoreline Theatre Button Jacket

This is a new DeLONG jacket with the name WOZ embroidered on the right front and Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View on the left front. Steve Wozniak, the man who built the first Apple computer, is a season pass holder at Shoreline Amphitheatre performing center in Mountain View, Ca. and this coat was personalized for him but he wears an XL+ and this is a Large. It is a lined Navy blue button jacket - 100% cotton - Size: L - Chest-27" / Length-28" - Brand New with Tag still attached to sleeve - a reasonably priced rare collectible at $75. Mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

btw, Mountain View is the home of Google (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway) and some Apple development teams have worked there as well. The Shoreline Amphitheatre was opened in 1986 under the direction of Bill Graham Presents.

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Thursday, October 07, 2021

Apple shares 'Celebrating Steve' video on its YouTube channel


GOOGLE DANCE 2004 Mens Small T-Shirt

Brand new official GOOGLE DANCE 2004 mens small T- shirt from the collection of a long time Google employee in L.A. This shirt was for employees only and not available to the public.
• Google Dance 2004 logo is printed in multi-color on the front
• Google logo in brown on the left sleeve
• New white 100% pre-shrunk cotton made in Mexico
• Hanes Beefy-T Men's Small (34-36)
This shirt is priced at $12 and is available for mailing. There are 2 other Google Dance shirts on hand - click the Google Dance label below. To see other Google collectibles click the Google label. To inquire contact Dave via

What is Google Dance? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Rip.Mix.Burn. iMac G3 Dalmatian poster collection

Vintage original G3 iMac Dalmatian poster collection from the Apple "Rip Mix Burn" campaign, which caused a bit of controversy because the music industry thought that it promoted stealing music. However, the iTunes music store has since proven that wrong. All 3 are from the Think Different era, copyright 2001, Apple part number L13044A.

I bought them from a retired upstate New York Apple dealer several years ago and am just now offering them for sale as a set. They are all factory different: the left one is a very high quality plastic laminate on both sides, the right one is the standard light poster paper and the bottom one is unique in that the poster stock is quite heavy and it has a slightly pebbly matte finish on the front and the back is a kind of waxy gloss finish. Different for sure.

These Blue Dalmatian posters are very rare in the wild now, not even The Missing Bite or eBay has any currently. They measure 22" x 28" each and are all in near mint or new old stock condition and were never displayed except for this photo. Bear in mind they are 17 years old and have been handled a bit - one has a light smudge but there are no pin holes or tears and all will frame up nicely. The price is $330 US for the 3 poster collection and that includes insured mailing to Canada and USA in a heavy cardboard tube (out of North America adds $30 postage). Individual ones are $110 each plus postage but I prefer to sell as a set. The companion Flower Power poster is also available - click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

a collection of 8 iPhone T-shirts

Offered for sale is a set of 8 Apple iPhone t-shirts.

Top left is a size Large black iPhone T-shirt. It is not new and has been washed several times and is in good used condition with only minor fading and cracking of the white screened graphic. This shirt was given out to Apple store employees to promote the release of the iPhone. It has  iPhone on the front (shown) and a small white bitten Apple logo on the back. It is priced at $18.

Top right are two new blue iPhone 3G t-shirts made for the Specialist employees at the Apple Store. It is a hard-to-find adult size Medium and it is unisex. It has a small iPhone graphic on the front of the shirt saying 'iPhone 3G' and text on the back saying 'Twice as Fast. Half the Price.' There is also an Apple logo and the word Specialist on the sleeve. Price is $16 each.

Middle row are two new grey (size M and L)and a new black Apple Computer iPhone Development Camp t-shirt (size L). These rare Apple shirts have the text iPhoneDevCamp with asymmetrical flame graphics that wrap around the side. It was not available to the public. Priced at $50 each.

Bottom row are two new old stock shirts made by FastMac, a Mac upgrade company, when they added five new designs to its Apple T-shirt collection in a series of 5 limited-edition iPhone 2.0 designs that were handed out free outside the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco where Apple was hosting its Worldwide Developers Conference.They were later sold online at the store. The left one is a new size Medium "Can Touch This" shirt priced at $30 - and on the left is a new "I Got iPhone" size Large t-shirt priced at $50. The date 06.29.07 is on the back.

The total list price for these 8 shirts is $280 - buy the full set for $180 USD plus postage. For more info on some of these t-shirts click the iPhone label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, October 04, 2021

2014 Apple iPhone 6 Launch Day Poster

This genuine Apple poster was created for the September 9 launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It was distributed internally to Apple employees only and shows a black on black iPhone 6. There is a small line of text at the bottom right with ™ and © 2014 Apple Inc.

This poster was not for sale by Apple and is a fine collector item as it is not the typical advertising poster that Apple has produced lately detailing item features.

The poster measures 24" by 36" and fits a standard frame as shown. It is priced at $55 and ships in a heavy duty cardboard tube at cost of postage. Multiple posters (or shirts, as they will slip inside) do not add to postage - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, October 01, 2021

Rare 2003 Apple Gibson ES-345 Guitar Poster

This is an ultra rare 2003 promo poster featuring a Gibson ES-345 Guitar. It became better known as the Garage Band icon. This poster measures 24" x 36" and is in good condition with few flaws. There are no tack holes or tape tears but there is some edge wear and a few small creases, smudges and marks but it frames up very well. There is a rubber band mark on the back where it was rolled up and stored for several years. In very small print at the bottom right is the 2003 TM for Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

It is a simple and beautiful poster for which was a short-lived music website that was replaced soon after launch by iTunes. During May 2003 this poster appeared as promo ads on the back covers of several well known magazines and then they all disappeared and were replaced by the iTunes Store as Apple Computer and Apple Corps squared off over the use of the name. This memento of a brief yet game-changing piece of Apple history is available for the serious Apple collector at $400 USD and that includes insured postage in a sturdy cardboard tube. Missingbite had one a few years ago for $599.

Update: a second one is now available with staple holes in each corner - price is $250
and Apple has just brought back Apple Music so this is even a more collectible poster!

There are several magazines with a back cover ad of this poster also available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

WaybackMachine Archives - Remember
Neither does anyone else. This ultra rare Apple poster heralds the age of the iTunes Store before Apple figured out what to call it.

Apple Corps v Apple Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Vintage Embroidered Apple Rainbow Logo sticker collection

A baker's dozen of vintage embroidered bitten rainbow Apple logo stickers. Apple supplied them as dealership promotional items from the 80's to mid 90's. They are the classic 6 color logos measuring almost an inch high. There were at least 2 styles - some were on strips of paper 3 to a strip and some were on a roll. Some had paper backing and some were attached to plastic strips.

They could originally be stuck onto most surfaces, and ironed or sewn onto clothing. Over the years the glue has dried on some so no promises on them retaining any adhesive qualities. They are new-old-stock and came from various sources as sets of 3, 4 and 6. They are available as a complete collection of 13 for $90 and that includes postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Original Apple "Crazy Ones" Think Different poem box

This is the shipping box for the original Apple Think Different series posters. It is only the box that opens like a book, no posters are included. The box, as pictured, is pretty beat it up. It has discolored spots, it has been flattened at some point in its history, has some creases as shown in the pictures. It is a famous Apple poem however and the original boxes are so very rare that I thought it'd be a collectible to someone.

The back has the original shipping label from Apple Computers to a school in Palm Desert. Priced at $40, plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via

read about the Think Different campaign and the history of this poem at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Today in Apple history: 'Here's to the crazy ones' who 'think different'

Cult of Mac

Blue Apple Store iPhone 3G T-shirt

This T-shirt is blue and was made for the Specialist employees at the Apple Store. It is a hard-to-find adult size Medium and it is unisex. It has a small iPhone graphic on the front of the shirt saying 'iPhone 3G' and text on the back saying 'Twice as Fast. Half the Price.' There is also an Apple logo and the word Specialist on the sleeve.

The shirt is made by American Apparel in Downtown LA. There are 2 on hand, they have been worn on day of issue by NY Apple store employees and washed once - they are reasonably priced at $16 each. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Apple rainbow logo sheet of stickers

Here is a sheet of classic Apple rainbow stickers that just don't show up anymore. The 6"x9" sheet has 16 stickers in 4 sizes. They will frame up real well and make a fine addition to a vintage Apple sticker/logo collection. Text on the bottom left is Apple logo registered trademark © 1986 printed in USA.

Price with postage included is $45.
To inquire contact Dave via

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for sale - the whole 9 yards (or 8 meters)

fully retired and ready to sell everything that is posted on kootnaymac in the last year and a half. About 100 Apple (and PowerComputing) shirts, jackets, 50+ posters, a G4 iMac, pins, stickers, mugs, banners, a blanket, plus books, magazines (5 1984 Macworlds), manuals, disks, cables, a couple of older laptops, acrylic monitors, some pens, pencils, laptop batteries and a pile of extras. Make a good offer and help arrange pickup or shipping with proper social distancing. Located in western Canada about 2 hours north of Spokane WA. Willing to sell PowerComputing items separately.
To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, September 24, 2021

APPLE iPhone Development Camp shirt

This is a gray Apple Computer iPhone Development Camp t-shirt. It is pre-owned and sourced from a high tech collector in Cupertino California. It is made by American Apparel in Downtown LA  of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Two sizes are available, a Medium and a Large. They are not brand new but the tags look new and there are no obvious signs of wear.

These rare Apple shirts have a 2-tone text on the front denoting the iPhoneDevCamp plus asymetrical black flame graphics. Nice. Rare. Collectible. Never available to the public. $50 each with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

DILBERT at 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino California Animation Cel

DILBERT at Apple Computer Headquarters - an animation production art cel from the 1999 season of the Dilbert TV cartoon show. This is an original production art cel accompanied by a glossy presentation background. Size is 13"x11". This setup has a full walking DILBERT as the cel and the Apple rainbow logo at 1 Infinite Loop on the separate background. This is the original back painted cel. It is now a lost art as Dilbert was one of the last hand painted cartoon shows prior to the transition to digital.

These Dilbert episodes originally were broadcast on the UPN network, but you can still see them on the Comedy Central cable channel. This cel was purchased from Nigelwackenfrets in Florida - the only source for the originals. It is highly collectible and is accompanied by certificate that this is an authentic Dilbert TV cartoon production art cel but aside from that this is one fine Apple collectible. It is priced at $75 unmounted/unframed in the shipping tube. Special cel matting is required. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Two vintage Apple Computer coffee cups

For sale is a set of two vintage ceramic coffee mugs featuring the Apple Computer rainbow logo and Garamond font. The overall condition is very good with just a few scuffs/scratches to the black lettering from being displayed in a collection for 10+ years. They are very nice and clean and are offered for sale as a set for $110. Insured mailing will be at cost of postage depending on your location. To inquire contact Dave via

the 30th Mac birthday poster is also available for $50 - it requires a separate mailing tube.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

iBook Clamshell collection poster #4

This poster is from a retired Apple dealer's private collection of Apple Clamshell style iBook posters. This poster has 1 or 2 tack holes in each corner, and a few very small creases that might not show when framed. This G3 Tangerine iBook "Go" poster is about 24 inches wide and 36 inches high and is on heavy poster paper with Macworld New York 99 across the bottom.

These vintage Apple posters are becoming hard to find. This one is priced at $55 and is available for mailing at cost of postage as the cardboard tube is on hand. Kootenay Mac has other MacWorld Clamshell iBook posters as a set of 4. Click the collection or "Go go go" label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Apple Store Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Pins

These brand new, limited edition authentic Apple Olympic pins were designed by Apple Inc. to promote the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. The pins were only available at two Vancouver Apple stores and they were not available for sale anywhere. The top two app icon pins were available only during the February Olympics at the Pacific Centre Mall and the lower pin, designed to look like the iPod Nano, was given out at the Oakridge Mall store and only as one to a customer. These were hard to get then and are highly collectible now.

This upper pin set in original packaging includes two metal 19mm x 19mm (3/4" by 3/4") pins - the left pin is a Canadian maple leaf and the right pin is the Apple logo. The lower iPod Nano pin, also in original packaging, measures  17mm x 38mm (5/8" x 1-1/2"). The backs have ™2010 Apple, Inc. They are reasonably priced for the collector at $50 for the set of two icons and $45 for the iPod pin. Several sets are available plus a single Apple icon pin that is on an Olympic card for $30. All have butterfly clasps and are new and unused. There is a collection of Olympic pins available, click the collection label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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iPhone upgrade checklist for iOS 15: Prep for today's Apple software update


Friday, September 17, 2021

iPhone 6 vinyl advertising sign

This is the Apple iPhone 6 advertising poster copyright 2014. It is a new vinyl poster measuring 22"x28". It has not been hung or displayed but has some light wrinkling. It is priced at $50, with mailing in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage.

To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Apple poster - Live On Stage The New iPod Tonight 5.2.03

This is an Apple iPod poster announcing the debut of new iPods at Apple’s Live On Stage event. The 3rd generation iPod Classic had launched a week earlier on April 28, 2003. The LIVE event took place at the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, CA with DJ Hawkeye "spinning" 2 iPods.

This poster is printed on heavy stock paper and measures 38" x 20". It is like new, unused, never hung, no tears, no tape. It is priced at $95 with mailing in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage. There are matching Apple event promo shirts as well as a good condition 3rd gen iPod Classic with cables for a collection. Also a cheaper Live poster - click the Live label below or to inquire further contact Dave via

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