Tuesday, January 16, 2018

9 Classic Mac OS Tiling Wallpapers


Apple 3rd. gen. iPod launch Live On Stage collection

Shown here is an Apple iPod poster announcing the debut of new iPods at Apple’s Live On Stage event back in '03. Below the poster are 2 Live t-shirts. On them is a working 3rd gen 4 button touch wheel 15GB iPod Classic that is currently formatted for Windows and is in good condition. It comes with a new genuine Apple wall charger and new usb and firewire charging and sync cables. The 3rd generation iPod Classic had launched a week earlier on April 28, 2003. The LIVE event took place at the Fashion Island Apple Store in Newport Beach, CA with DJ Hawkeye "spinning" 2 iPods.

This poster is printed on heavy stock paper and measures 37" x 20". It has  some corner and edge losses, some light scratches on the lower black and some tack holes, yet is in quite good overall condition and will frame up nicely. It is priced at $80.

The matching Apple event promo shirts, available in Medium, Large, XL and 2XL, have all been washed several times and are priced at $25 each. Add in the 3rd gen iPod Classic for $100 and get the collection of a vintage classic iPod, the Live event poster and a shirt of choice for $205 with insured postage included - all mailed in a large heavy cardboard tube. Individual items available as priced plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Your iPhone tracks every place you visit. Here's how to see the map.

Cult of Mac

Apple Pirate "NO PRISONERS" Stickers

Black Apple Pirate "NO PRISONERS" high quality vinyl transfer stickers. The story so far: As the young Apple computers were starting out to change the technological computing world, Steve Jobs pledged the employees of Apple Computers to "Take no prisoners". Thinking like pirates they proudly bore this flag over their desks as they created some of the most innovative and beautiful computer concepts ever.

This sticker was made in Canada by Linusco and is 4.5" X 6" inches and is priced at $15 - one only. There are also 2 larger versions of this heavy gauge vinyl transfer available for $20 each. The sticker prices includes postage. They are approx. 8 inches wide and they were custom made for KootenayMac. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Elementary Apple 1983 Apple II manual

Here is an instruction manual for early models of the Apple II family. Spiral bound in very good condition except the plastic spiral part has a cracked piece held by tape. This book is about 5/8" thick and measures approx. 6" x 8" closed. It is about 100 pages and is filled with tips and advice for using your Apple II. Published in 1983 by Reston, a Prentice-Hall company. It is priced at $35 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Authentic MASTERPIECE for any Apple Computer Museum NEVER unfolded Macintosh box


buy it now US $3,995.00

GOOGLE DANCE 2004 Mens Small T-Shirt

Brand new official GOOGLE DANCE 2004 men's small T- shirt from the collection of a long time Google employee in L.A. This shirt was for employees only and not available to the public.
• Google Dance 2004 logo is printed in multi-color on the front
• Google logo in brown on the left sleeve
• New white 100% pre-shrunk cotton made in Mexico
• Hanes Beefy-T Men's Small (34-36)
This shirt is priced at $12 and is available for mailing at cost of postage. There are 2 other Google Dance shirts on hand - click the Google Dance label below. To see other Google collectibles click the Google label. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

What is Google Dance? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Meltdown and Spectre: What Apple Users Need to Know

The Mac Security Blog

Apple Store Employee New Hire T-Shirt

This 2nd generation Apple Store employee new hire T-Shirt was given out during orientation back in 2000. The front has a purple Apple logo and the back has "The Journey Begins". This is a rare collectors item and is a great addition for any Apple collection.

This is a size Large short sleeve Tee assembled in El Salvador of 100% preshrunk cotton components made in the USA by Hanes Beefy-T. It is not new and has been washed a couple of times but is in fine condition. It is priced at $30 and is available for mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

see the back of the Journey Begins shirt: Apple T-shirts and Memories - TikiRobot!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Steve Jobs portrait made out of e-waste is up for sale

Cult of Mac

Rare 2003 Apple AppleMusic.com Gibson ES-345 Guitar Poster

This is an ultra rare 2003 AppleMusic.com promo poster featuring a Gibson ES-345 Guitar. It became better known as the Garage Band icon. This poster measures 24" x 36" and is in good condition with few flaws. There are no tack holes or tape tears but there is some edge wear and a few small creases, smudges and marks but it frames up very well. There is a rubber band mark on the back where it was rolled up and stored for several years. In very small print at the bottom right is the 2003 TM for Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

It is a simple and beautiful poster for AppleMusic.com which was a short-lived music website that was replaced soon after launch by iTunes. During May 2003 this poster appeared as promo ads on the back covers of several well known magazines and then they all disappeared and were replaced by the iTunes Store as Apple Computer and Apple Corps squared off over the use of the name. This memento of a brief yet game-changing piece of Apple history is available for the serious Apple collector at $400 USD and that includes insured postage in a sturdy cardboard tube inside a triangular shipping box. Missingbite had one a few years ago for $599.

Update: a second one is now available with staple holes in each corner - price is $250

and Apple has just brought back Apple Music so this is even a more collectible poster!

There are several magazines with a back cover ad of this poster also available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

WaybackMachine Archives - missingbite.com: Remember AppleMusic.com?
Neither does anyone else. This ultra rare Apple poster heralds the age of the iTunes Store before Apple figured out what to call it.

Apple Corps v Apple Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Apple Says $29 Battery Replacements Are One-Per-iPhone When Device Passes Diagnostic Test

Mac Rumors

Vintage Apple Powerbook promo ID4 Independence Day collection

This is an Apple product placement t-shirt and pin collection promoting the 1996 movie Independence Day ID4; the Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum sci-fi alien invasion thriller. In the movie the Borg use Windows, and the Mothership runs off of a Mac. 20th Century Fox began a massive marketing campaign to help promote the film and entered into co-promotional deals with Apple Inc. The co-marketing project was dubbed "The Power to Save the World" campaign, in which Apple used footage of their PowerBook 5300 laptop in their print and television advertisements.

The grey t-shirt on the left is a like new size large made of cotton in the USA. The back is shown, the front has the text ID4 in large letters. The black shirt on the right has been washed several times. The front is shown, the back is blank and it is a heavy weight cotton size XL made by Gildan. To read more about these two shirts click here. These rare 1996 Apple collectible t-shirts are priced at $160. The Apple Saves the World pins measure 2" by 3" - one shows a bit of wear ($30) and one has a small dent ($20). The complete collection is $210 US plus insured postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

Macintosh ID4 Ad ("The Power to Save the World")YouTube
"You better hope you've got the right computer."

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Today's CPU vulnerability: what you need to know

Google Online Security Blog

Mac The Knife Y2K t-shirt XL

This is a Mac The Knife, MTK : Y2K : NYC short sleeve t-shirt. This is the MacWeek Rumors column icon and is very similar to the example shown on page 184 of the Apple T-Shirts book. This may be one of the few remaining survivors of the "Mac The Knife parties thrown by MacWeek on the Tuesday before each Macworld Expo."

It has been washed once or twice but looks brand new. "Mac" - the silk screened Shark graphic - and the text are mint. Made by Fruit of the Loom 100% Heavy pre-shrunk cotton and it is Made in Canada! How rare is that?

The size is XL and the color is black. The Shark is on the front and the Mac the Knife Y2K NYC sponsors are on the back. It also has MacWeek.com MWNY 07.20.2000 on the back. It extremely rare and is priced at $175 for the dedicated Apple collector. Contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel to inquire. All KootenayMac shirts are available for local pick-up or mailing at costs of postage.

Mac the Knife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Saturday, January 06, 2018

1985 Apple clone dealer created postcard

National Postcard Week May 5-11, 1985 promoting Apple clone dealer Al Dowdle III Decatur GA

Designed & Printed with a Franklin Ace 1000, Gemini 10, and Beagle Bros Software - AMDIII. There is no handwriting on it and no stamp or postmark and the condition is VG. Price is $20. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

there are other Apple postcards available, click the label below

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Friday, January 05, 2018

Apple says all iOS devices, Macs affected by processor flaws


Frank Kozik "Publish or Perish" 1996 Power Computing Seybold poster

"You can take my Mac when you pry my cold dead fingers off the mouse!"
This poster is a very rare and collectible silk screened original print by the famous rock poster artist Frank Kozik. He did a series of prints for the Power Computing company that were part of their guerrilla marketing campaign to "fight back for the Mac" in 1996 and 1997.

The original owner had this to say about the poster: "As you can see this is the one with the girl and the gun and an American flag uttering the greatest line in Mac history! I picked up this one at the P-C booth at the show, it was a very cool and defiant giveaway from the "darkest days" of Apple, some say these were the spark that brought them back from the brink."
Read more »

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

The CPU catastrophe will hit hardest in the cloud

The Verge

How to Add iCloud Drive to Dock on Mac


1995 SF MacWorld Macintosh Finder Icon Punk Rock T-Shirt

Rare Vintage 1995 San Francisco MacWorld Punk Rock Bondage A Go Go T-shirt

This is what the original owner had to say: "This is the most unique Apple T-shirt remaining in my collection and hardcore Mac collectors won't find this shirt anywhere else. On the front of the shirt there is a 'Happy Mac' system face logo only he's been re-imagined as a punk rocker with a Mohawk hair style and a safety pin in his face! He's also smoking a cigarette, or a more likely a joint! It advertises what must have been a vendor sponsored party called Mac Black '95: Bondage A Go Go January 4, 1995. It's condition is authentically "vintage" (think of it as a plus!) meaning that the shirt has been washed and worn but it is in excellent used condition with no tears, rips, stains, etc. The lettering and images aren't cracking but have some wear I am guessing is a kind of fading. The pics capture the actual condition. It was made back in 1995, so the quality reflects that period when computer tech freebies were usually expensively made when budgets were more flush."

The shirt is an XL Oneita Power-T made in the USA from 100% preshrunk cotton and sewn in Mexico. It is priced at $145 and that includes postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

(note the Mac the Knife shark on the back. and if this does not sell then it is fine with me - in 12 years of collecting I have never seen another one - just sayin'... )

Mac the Knife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

'Steve Jobs' is an Italian company — and Apple can't do anything about it

The Verge

Apple Computer Sales 1 BILLION Pontiac license plate t-shirt

This Hanes Beefy-T size Large short sleeve t-shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton fabric made in the USA and assembled in Mexico. It is a brand new old stock limited edition employee only shirt from Apple's Imaging Division as shown on the front below a small California style 1997 Apple 1 BILLION license plate.

On the back is the front of a 1949 Pontiac with the same license plate. This is a tip of the hat to the Pontiac Division of GM as the 3 millionth Pontiac was built in February of 1949. '97 was the year Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and the rest is history. This rare and vintage commemorative shirt is priced at $150 and is available for mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

note: now that the Pontiac badge is no longer being produced, this shirt is also an automotive history collectible

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

No, Apple’s throttling of iPhones with aging batteries is not planned obsolescence


Extremely rare pin - Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer

This is the infamous Fanged Apple, a design created in protest of Apple's lawsuit regarding graphical user interfaces (GUI) software. This 2.25" diameter button is in very good condition with all details crisp and clear. It was one of three released last year by a collector in California. It was his last one and they have become extremely rare. It is priced at $65 and that includes postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

Provenance: the former owner of this pin, a speaker at several Boston MacWorlds in the early 90's, says "I personally obtained this button from Richard Stallman outside of Lotus's offices in Cambridge, MA!"

"In 1989, Apple's look and feel lawsuit against Microsoft brought the idea of interface copyright to the attention of the programming community. Apple was trying to claim a monopoly over a broad class of graphical user interfaces. If Apple succeeded, not only Microsoft, but every software developer, would be legally compelled to design gratuitously incompatible software." In response, John Gilmore and Richard Stallman together commissioned the design of the "fanged Apple"–a button showing the Apple logo with vicious teeth. This was followed by an advertisement placed in The Tech, MIT's student newspaper, which in turn led to a protest rally at the HQ of Lotus Development Corporation--another "look and feel" lawsuit plaintiff."
History of the League for Programming Freedom (LPF)...

update: a second pin - very slightly scuffed - is available for $50

Apple: Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Apple Computer 1984 Macintosh Picasso Logo Sweatshirt

For sale is an Apple Computer Picasso logo sweatshirt. It commemorates the introduction of the original Mac 128K in 1984. The original owner obtained this sweat shirt in the mid 80's while working for an Authorized Apple Dealer. The front has the "Picasso-style" rendering of the original Macintosh. This is the same artwork that was on the original Mac’s packaging. The back has a red Apple in the Garamond font. It is a Hanes cotton/polyester size Large 42-44 made in the USA.

This shirt has been never worn or washed, but has light spotting on the shoulder near the collar due to long term storage and a dry cleaner should be able to remove the two brownish spots. The area of the picture showing the front has some dark areas which are the photography shadows - the shirt is much whiter than shown. The price is $75 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

There are other Apple "Picasso" items available, click the label below.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

What Apple should have done instead of slowing down iPhones with aging batteries


Steve Jobs bulk mailing letter to Power Computing customers circa 1997

This is an Apple marketing letter from Steve Jobs to customers of Power Computing, the maker of Macintosh clones in the 1990s. The letter was written shortly after Apple bought Power Computing in July 1997, and was mailed specifically to customers who had recently purchased a Power Computing computer. It features the rainbow-colored apple in the letterhead and is a digital reproduction of Jobs signature that was used for bulk-mailed letters.

The letter had three purposes: to reassure those customers that Apple will provide support, to promote Apple's new computers, and to invite the customers to take advantage of a Mac OS upgrade offer. The letter comes from a very important time in Apple's history: Jobs had just returned to Apple to take over the CEO position in July of that year and had started the process of canceling all Mac clone licensing agreements. The letter would make a very nice addition to an Apple Macintosh or Power Computing collection.
"First things first: As a co-founder of Apple Computer, I want to welcome you back to the family. (The fact is, of course, that you never really left; most Power Computing customers were Apple customers to begin with, and still are.)"
"Believe me, you'll see some hot new machines in the months ahead. The new Power Macintosh computers will feature new architectures designed to boost performance. These new machines will set speed records for desktop and notebook comptuers — and will confirm Mac OS as the platform of choice for education and creative professions."
"As Apple introduces these new models in the coming months, we'll also be exploring new ways to deliver and custom-configure our products. And we plan to adopt some of the innovative approaches to selling that made Power Computing such a big hit with customers."
The letter is in very good condition. It has two original folds and signs of handling but no tears or other folds and can be mailed at the cost of postage in a flat envelope or rolled in a tube. It is priced at $30. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Apple to Release Lisa Operating System For Free As Open Source in 2018

iPhone in Canada Blog


This increasingly hard to find shirt from the original Apple Store is in good used condition. It has been washed several times and is black in a size XL (46-48) and would be a decent addition to an Apple t-shirt collection. The Mothership text is on the front and a white bitten Apple is on the back. It is made in Honduras of 100% preshrunk cotton by Hanes Beefy-T. It is priced at $18 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

there is also a size small blue Mothership shirt - click the label below

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

High Sierra 'Content Caching' turns your Mac into a local iCloud server

Cult of Mac

1989 Apple National Sales Conference T-shirt

For the complete Apple collection here is a size large, new, never washed or worn "Run With Scully" T-Shirt from the 1989 National Sales Convention. A color variation of this shirt, designed for John Scully's sales team, is featured in the Apple T-shirt Book in the section on Conferences on page 142. This shirt is an early Apple collectible and is priced at $25. On the back of the shirt is "Apple USA 1989" with the bitten apple rainbow logo.

For an additional $15 the brand new '89 convention souvenir heavy green canvas stone-washed laptop shoulder bag with the "Power Up" logo and small matching "Scully meteorite" will be included.  There is also a not-new size XL t-shrt available for $10. Buy all 3 items for $40 plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

John Sculley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1983–93: the Sculley era at Apple

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Apple's advertising throughout its history

Business Insider

up to Feb. 2017

Black Apple Fleece Picnic Travel Blanket

This is a new black Apple plush fleece picnic blanket. It was given to corporate Apple employees for Christmas several years ago. It measures approximately 45" x 60" and is priced at $30 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Apple confirms it makes old iPhones run slower (for a good reason)

Cult of Mac

Power Computing Sluggo Kick-Ass Kozik Poster MacWorld '96

This rare and controversial poster was designed by Frank Kozik, and features his 'Puggo' version of Sluggo from the Nancy comic. The original owner has this to say about the poster he got at the '96 Boston MacWorld: "It was released at Macworld '96 by PowerComputing, the most successful of the Apple Mac clone companies. Few of the posters were handed out, when one of the "SUITS" decided that they would no longer distribute them. They were removed from the booth and the show-floor locations where they were being handed out."

The stories surrounding this poster include real and threatened lawsuits by the Nancy comic distributor over copyright violations and by Intel for being it's trademark being slagged. The word "ass" was also a sore point at Power Computing. This poster has been mounted professionally on a 1/4" wood backing panel that is not removable. There is a damaged corner in the wood at the bottom left of the frame where it fell from it's wall mount. The poster has no damage except the wrinkle outside the black border (click the image to view) and could be professionally restored.

So while the t-shirt version (also available) circulated for a while, this poster quickly disappeared into private collections. Until now. Add it to yours for $125 plus shipping at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

For other Power Computing collectibles including the companion T-shirt, click the label below.
Power Computing Corporation - Wikipedia
Power Computing Ad Campaigns

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

What do you think of Apple slowing down older iPhones to account for battery wear? [Poll]


for the record, kootenaymac carries a 4S and is OK with a slower phone

Black Macintosh Power to Crush the other Kids T-Shirt

This is a rare 2nd generation version of the NBC Saturday Night Live commercial skit that parodies the Macintosh ad. It is a black short sleeve size Large Fruit of the Loom HEAVY brand made in the USA of 100% preshrunk cotton. It is described on page 184 of the Apple T-Shirts Book and is the sanctioned Apple registered trademark edition that was sold at the San Francisco Macworld in 1996 and then at the original Apple Company Store.

This shirt is in near new condition with no cracking or fading on the screened rainbow Apple logo. The two small ® marks are still visible and the text is crisp and bright. It appears to have been washed once but the tag is still shiny and flat. It is priced at $95 with mailing available at cost of postage.

There are other versions and styles available but this is the only short sleeve black one, click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

MacIntosh Jr, The power to CRUSH the other kids - SNL skit

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Worst Passwords of 2017 Include '123456' and 'Password'

Mac Rumors

Vintage Apple Computer Think Different OS X promo T-shirt

These Apple Computer Think Different advertising campaign T-shirts were only available to Apple authorized resellers for promoting the launch in 2001 of the Cheetah and Puma operating systems. The front has the Aqua X and the back has “The Power of Ten”.

This shirt is a Hanes Beefy-T that was assembled in El Salvador of 100% pre-shrunk cotton components made in the USA. It is a size XL, it has been washed and is in very good condition. It is priced at $25 with postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Using Spring-Loaded Folders – video


Power Computing decals, mouse, pad and PowerTower Pro install CD

This is a collection of Power Computing items from the best known Macintosh clone company. Included are the original decals, a mouse, a mouse pad and a PowerTower Pro Install CD. The decals are a set of 4 in two sizes. The mouse is an original Power Computing ADB one button mouse with logo. The Power Computing Install CD contains system installers, utilities and bundled software for PowerTower Pro, p/n 1620-0003-00 release 3.0 MacOS 7.6 and it is in excellent condition with no scratches. The vintage 9" Power Computing Mouse Pad is well used but is still a fine collector's item.

This collection is for sale as a set for $95 with mailing at cost. Other Power Computing items are also available; click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

Power Computing Corporation - Wikipedia
Power Computing Ad Campaigns

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Mozilla triggers backlash with Mr. Robot Firefox extension


Apple Think Different Jane Goodall poster

This is an original 11" x 17" Apple poster of Jane Goodall from the Think Different campaign. It has been displayed - there is a 1/4" tear in upper left corner as shown in the photo. On the back the corners have evidence of tape being stuck and removed, taking some of the paper with it and one piece of tape remains on the back. The front is in good condition and this vintage Apple promo poster will frame up very well.

It is priced at $40 plus postage and will be shipped rolled in a cardboard tube. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel For other Think Different items, including a new unused Goodall poster, click the label below.

note: Dr. Goodall was the Grand Marshall at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Apple Pro Speakers for G4 iMac and PowerMacs

These Apple Pro Speakers feature the powerful Harman Kardon audio technology. The Apple Pro Speakers cannot be used with any computer that does not have an Apple Speaker sound output port. They are compatible with the Power Mac G4 Digital Audio, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 2002, Power Mac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors, Power Mac G4 FW 800, iMac Flat Panel, iMac 17-inch Flat Panel, iMac 1GHz Flat Panel.

Comes in the very hard to find original box with packing and documentation, would be a fine addition to an Apple collection. Awesome sound, as new, priced at $85 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

a second set of Pro speakers without the box is available for $50 - photo on request

read the Apple Support article: Apple Pro Speakers: Compared to Power Mac G4 Cube Speakers

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Random Lockups Still Plague macOS Sierra and High Sierra

The Mac Observer

Google Hardware Operations t-shirt

This is a brand new Google employee adult size medium (M) white T-shirt with "Google" across the front in several different colors, and below that in smaller black letters: "Hardware Operations." It is a Gildan brand shirt made in Haiti. This shirt is priced at $12 plus the cost of postage to your city. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

there are several more Google items available, click the label below

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

​Firefox Quantum: 170 million installs so far, as more Chrome users jump ship


Apple Computer SURF's UP Chiat/Day magazine ad proof

Apple Computer genuine vintage iMac SURF's UP magazine ad proof circa 1999. Who needs surfing lessons when you can just hop onto the internet with an iMac? Simply plug it in and you'll be online surfing in 10 minutes. (No wet suit required). www.apple.com Think Different

The small text at bottom reads: TBWA CHIAT/DAY, INC.LA APPLE Q399-99-P2013A Magazine 4/C. It is printed on glossy magazine paper and measures 50cm wide x 36cm tall or 19.5" wide x 14" tall. This proof was used to create a magazine advertising campaign back in 1998/1999 in Australia. This is the original, genuine ad proof provided by the famous Apple advertising agency. It is priced at $50 and will be mailed, at cost, in a heavy cardboard tube with insurance. A second ad is also available - click the Chiat/Day label below. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Steve Jobs' 'Blue Box' will go on display in Michigan

Cult of Mac

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn

Apple Store Employee iPod Nano Pocket Karma T-Shirt

This rare Apple Employee T-Shirt was the promo for the launch of the new iPod Nano "Product Red" Special Edition. A percentage of sales of the Product Red iPod Nano were given to Aids research. The front (shown) has "Pocket Karma" in white lettering. The back reads "Introducing iPod Nano (Product) Red Special Edition." The left sleeve features the bitten Apple logo.

It is a red size Medium short sleeve t-shirt, made in the USA by American Apparel of 100% cotton. This (Product) Red Nano shirt is in great condition - it has been washed once by an Apple employee in California. It is priced at $50 and is available for mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

(a size Small and Large are now also available - same as above)

read about Apple - iPod - (PRODUCT) RED - Help fight AIDS in Africa.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

98% of Knockoff iPhone Chargers Pose Severe Risk of Shock and Fire


Vintage Apple postcard collection

This is a collection of 3 genuine vintage Apple postcards plus another made on a Mac clone. A 5th bonus card is included as it is for Yosemite's El Capitan and is very similar to the image used in the OS. They are  displayed on a 30th Anniversary poster which is also available.

The top left card is from National Postcard Week May 5-11, 1985 promoting an Apple clone dealer in Decatur GA. It was designed and printed with a Franklin Ace. There is no handwriting on it and no stamp or postmark and the condition is VG. The price is $20.

The top right card is a new unused Apple reseller card from 1992 promoting the Macintosh Duo Dock System. It is priced at $25.

The lower middle card was sent in the 80's to a client from the Santa Rosa California Computer Center. It features the IIc, IIe, IIGS, the Mac Plus and the Mac SE and offers a rebate on selected add-ons. It is priced at $25.

At the bottom right is new unused bitten rainbow Apple from the Think Different era. It has a 1-800 number for an Apple authorised reseller and shows the url www.apple.co.za. It is priced at $20.

The Yosemite card is included free; the Happy Birthday, Mac poster is $50 plus postage. The postcards' total is $90 and postage is included. You can also include a Steve Jobs postage stamp - MNH - for $12. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Monday, December 11, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Mac Context Menus



Classic G3 iMac Flower Power poster. It is from the Apple "Rip Mix Burn" campaign, which caused a bit of controversy because the music industry thought that it promoted stealing music. However, the iTunes music store has since proven that wrong. Measures 22" x 28". This is a great addition to a vintage Apple collection. The poster is in new condition, but it does have a few very small wrinkles on an edge. It is reasonably priced for the collector at $90 and is available for mailing at cost in a cardboard tube. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Why are there so many macOS and iOS bugs?

Apple Gazette

Vintage Power Computing lapel pin

This is a new-in-bag rare Power Computing lapel pin. It dates from the 1995 to 1997 Apple clone era at Power Computing. It is a red and gold cloisonne pin measuring about 5/8" in diameter with a metal clasp. It is priced at $45 - includes postage. There is one listed on eBay for $70. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

read more: Macintosh clone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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