Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to sign a PDF or other document on Mac

Macworld UK

Macintosh "The Power To Crush The Other Kids" sleeveless shirt

This is a 2nd generation version of the NBC Saturday Night Live commercial skit that parodies the Macintosh ad. It is a gray sleeveless size Large Fruit of the Loom HEAVY brand made in the USA of 100% preshrunk cotton.

The design is descibed on page 184 of the Apple T-Shirts Book and is the sanctioned Apple registered trademark that was sold at the San Francisco Macworld in 1996 and then at the original Apple Company Store. I do not know where the sleeveless version first appeared or whether this is a one-off for an Apple evangelist.

This shirt is in very good condition with some signs of washing on the screened Apple logo which remains quite colorful. The two small ® marks are still visible and the text is crisp. If sleeveless is not your cup of T, it could be cropped and framed as a classic SNL memento. It is priced at $55 with mailing available at cost of postage. There is also a 1st gen sleeved version and a very rare long sleeve black version available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

Nov '14 update: there is a brand new old stock 2nd gen short sleeve and long sleeve (with ® on both the Macintosh and the rainbow Apple) they are priced at $85 and $95 respectively

MacIntosh Jr, The power to CRUSH the other kids - SNL skit

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How To Fit More App Icons in Your iPhone's Dock


Mission: Impossible Apple product placement collection

Offered for sale is a collection of vintage Apple memorabilia from the original 1996 Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible movie. All 4 items feature the rainbow Apple logo. Apple Product Placement had arranged for the PowerBook to have a major role in the movie. At the top is the Apple Mission Impossible poster in mint condition. It is a gloss poster on white “cardstock” paper with no pinholes, tears or tape markings. It measures 26" by 38". It is priced at $75.

The matching companion black Apple Computer Expect The Impossible T-shirt is on the left. It has been washed but appears to be new with a bright crisp tag and no cracking on the screened graphics. It is a size XL Fruit of the Loom Heavy brand made in the USA of 100% preshrunk cotton. It is priced at $50.

To the right in the photo is the official Apple promo movie poster - it measures 13 x 19 inches. It is in very good condition and is printed on regular weight poster paper. This seldom seen Apple product placement poster is priced at $35.

At the bottom of the picture is a very rare Mission: Impossible hat with a plastic adjustable strap and an embroidered bitten Apple rainbow logo. It was made in the USA, is in good condition but is not new and is priced at $70.

The 4 piece collection is available for $250. If you choose not to include the hat, then the price is $180 and both posters and the shirt will fit in a single cardboard tube for mailing at cost of postage. Adding the hat will require a larger box. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, July 16, 2018

How to quickly request the desktop version of a website on your iPhone


Quicksilver PowerMac G4 black promo banner

This is a very finely woven black Apple PowerMac G4 Quicksilver promotional banner. It measures 2 feet wide and over 5 feet tall with sewn-in rod hanging pockets on both ends. This highly collectible Apple banner has never been displayed, hung or handled except to take this photo.

It is printed on one side, with the words PowerMac G4 below the Quicksilver graphic and the Apple and Think Different logo near the bottom of the banner. On the back bottom edge are the Apple copyright dated 2001 and the part number L14426A. It is reasonably priced at $85 and is available for local pick-up or mailing. To inquire contact Dave via

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vintage Macintosh Apple II Lapel Pin

This is a vintage Apple Computer pin from the 1980's that was distributed by the Apple Education Dealers. It was given to students who participated in the Apple II tutorial in school or to customers who took the in-store sessions. Graduates of this very popular program received their "wings" upon completion.

The pin is new-old-stock-in-original-box and the box measures 1 3/4 by 1 inch. The pin is 1 1/4 inch long and has a butterfly clasp on the back. It is priced at $28 plus postage at cost.

To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Why Counterfeit Lightning Cables Kill iPhones


GOOGLE Dance 2007 T-shirt

This Google Dance 2007 T-shirt is brand new without tags. It is a size Medium and is made of 100% cotton by American Apparel.
* Google Dance logo printed on front.
* Color: Black with classy graphics.
* Size: Men's Medium.
This rare Google t-shirt is priced at $20. A 2006 Google Dance t-shirt available also - click the Google Dance label below. To inquire contact Dave via - mailing is available for all shirts at the cost of the postage.

What is Google Dance? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Topps Steve Jobs rookie card

This is a 2011 Topps Trading Card of Apple Computers co-founder Steve Jobs. The card is numbered 122 and it measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. It is from the 1970 series and titled Apple Founded with a write up on the back titled Fruit of Their Labors and describes the 1976 Apple I and the Apple founders Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne.

It appears to be in mint collectible condition and comes in a clear plastic card saver. It is priced at $25 and that includes postage. There are other collectible items available, click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Where to Download Old Mac OS Software From


Apple Computer Family Vehicles Chiat/Day 1999 iMac ad proof

Apple Computer genuine vintage iMac FAMILY VEHICLES magazine ad proof circa '99. The text reads: Family vehicles for the information superhighway. Fast, sporty and zero-maintenance. A new iMac takes the family from zero to internet in just ten minutes out of the box - without a single "are we there yet?" Think Different

The small text at bottom reads: TBWA CHIAT/DAY, INC.LA APPLE Q399-99-P2013A Magazine Page 4/C. It is printed on glossy magazine paper and measures 50cm wide x 36cm tall or 19.5" wide x 14" tall. This proof was used to create a magazine advertising campaign back in 1998/1999 in Australia. This is the original genuine ad proof provided by the famous Apple advertising agency. It is priced at $50 and will be mailed, at cost, in a heavy cardboard tube with insurance. A second ad is also available - click the Chiat/Day label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac

The New York Times

Apple iBook Clamshell Poster Collection

This is a collection of 4 original Apple G3 iBook Clamshell promo posters. The poster at top left has a picture of the Graphite iBook and the text is “Black tie optional.” The bottom of the poster has the graphite Apple logo and is inscribed “Think Different. The price is $45.

The top right poster has a picture of the Graphite, Grape and Tangerine iBooks with text “iBook. Now with iMovie.” The bottom of the poster has the lime Apple logo and is inscribed “Think Different”. It is priced at $45.

At bottom left is a memento from MacWorld New York 1999. The "go go go" Tangerine iBook promo poster is in moderately good condition with a few wrinkles around the go go area and pin holes in the corners. It is priced at $55.

The bottom right Blueberry iBook poster has from 1 to 3 tack holes in each corner and two very small creases and a 1" colored pencil mark at the top edge a bit right of center. This  "go go go" poster has the Apple part number LO4017A on it with text of Macworld New York 99 across the width of the bottom. It is priced at $50.

These posters were for promotional purposes only and were not sold in Apple stores and have become hard to find. The upper posters are 22" by 28". The lower posters are 24" by 36". All are printed on heavy card stock poster paper. The price for the 4 posters as a set is $195 and insured postage is at cost in a heavy cardboard tube. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, July 09, 2018

My Mac mini, kernel_task, and dusty hardware: Bring back my mini’s zing

Erica Sadun

Apple Computer advertising coffee cup

This is a very nice collectible vintage Apple coffee cup. It has the bitten rainbow apple on one side as shown and on the other side just this text: Computers of St. Cloud Call (612) 25...APPLE. It is in new unused condition and priced at $25. Shipping at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

There are several other styles of Apple mugs available - click the "mug" label below.

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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Steve Wozniak 2004 Upper Deck Trading Card

This is a 2004 Upper Deck Trading Card of Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. The card is numbered II 14 and it measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. It is from The History of the United States Inventors and Inventions series with the event date of 1976.

It appears to be in mint collectible condition and comes in a clear plastic card saver. It is priced at $25 and that includes postage. There are other Woz items available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, July 06, 2018

Where did Keyboard Shortcuts come from? Inventor explains

Apple Must

GOOGLE t-shirt: Weave your own Web

Google collectible - made by American Apparel in Downtown LA. 100% cotton black T-shirt size Large. The front is silk screened and displays iGoogle with a spider web and the caption reads Weave your own Web. This shirt was sourced from a high-tech collector in Cupertino California and is a previously owned shirt that is in Like New Condition. It is priced at $20 and is available for mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Macintosh - iPod 20th Anniversary Poster 1984-2004

This MacWorld 1984-2004 poster commemorates the original commercial from 1984 and pays homage to George Orwell's futuristic novel "1984". It measures 24" x 36" and reads, "1984 - 2004". The poster has the image of Anya Major, the runner from the famous Super Bowl 1984 television commercial, only this time she is wearing an iPod.

This is the poster from Apple's 1984 Superbowl Commercial, modified for 2004 with the lady hammer thrower in the Picasso-style top now wearing an iPod as well. That commercial only aired once in 1984 and this updated poster was available only at the Apple booth during MacWorld San Francisco 2004. Apple has not released any posters since 2004.

This highly collectible Apple iPod poster is available for $45 plus mailing at cost. It has been discontinued and is only available from private owners - be one. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Apple headquarters shirt - I visited the mothership.

Been there, done that, butforgot the shirt? Here is a rare size small original authentic "I visited the mothership." t-shirt. It is not new and shows it but is in good condition with no rips, holes or tears. It is a Hanes Beefy-T shirt size small 34-36.  It is a blue shirt with crisp white print on front and a small bitten Apple logo on the back.  It is priced at $12 with mailing at cost. There is also a size XL Mothership shirt available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

iMessage Not Working: How To Fix iMessage On iPhone, iPad & Mac

Macworld UK

Vintage Apple Logo Mouse Pads

Classic Flavor Mac Apple Logo Aqua Mouse Pads. They look great next to your iMac or just a nice place to set your coffee cup on. They are made from thin, strong Tevalite by Microthin with a high traction undercoating to adhere to your desk and they work with all optical and mechanical mice.

New-old-stock from back in the G3 FlavorMac era -- the Lime and Strawberry mouse pads are still available - the Blueberry and Grape have been sold and the Tangerine is part of another collection. They measure 7.5 inch in diameter, Apple part number L04108A -- $25 each with mailing included. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, July 02, 2018

macOS Mojave: The secrets behind Dark Mode


Vintage NOS Apple Power Mac G4 Cube T-Shirt

This is a brand new old stock, never worn, never washed original Apple promotional shirt. It was issued to dealers and resellers for the July 2000 launch of the PowerMac G4 Cube.  On the front is the image and text Power Mac G4 Cube over "So Much Technology. So Little Space." On the upper back a small Apple bitten logo and "Think Different". The AGP "Sawtooth" G4 Cube was designed by Jonathan Ive and is in the industrial design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

This rare and mint Apple collectible shirt is a size XL Hanes Beefy-T made of 100% preshrunk cotton. It was assembled in Mexico from USA made components. It is priced for the discerning Apple memorabilla collector at $135 plus postage at cost.To inquire contact Dave via

read about the Power Mac G4 Cube at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
read about the Think Different campaign at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MoMA | The Collection | Jonathan Ive, Apple Industrial Design Group. G4 Cube Computer. c. 2000

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

10" x 12" Vintage Multi-color Apple logo sticker

Large collectible bitten Apple rainbow logo sticker. Original classic colors and a very rare artifact of Apple corporate history. Fadeless vinyl, paper protection on both sides, photo shows translucent peel-off paper. Might be better suited to framing than applying to a surface.

This sticker was used on the Apple trucks and signs 25 years ago and measures about 10 by 12 inches. This very hard to find factory issued Apple decal is priced at $95 - includes protected insured postage. One only. To inquire contact Dave via

to see the Apple logo on a tractor trailer loaded with Macintosh SE's leaving the factory at Fremont Calif. go to the last minute of this YouTube video: Macintosh Factory - YouTube

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Friday, June 29, 2018

macOS Mojave easter egg scrambles your desktop

Cult of Mac

New Intel Promotional Pens

Got an Intel Mac? This might work for you: For sale is one lot of 5 Intel Computer promotional pens. In 5 different colors - purple, red, blue, orange and black. All are brand new-old-stock, in mint condition. Priced at $10 for the set - mailing at  cost of postage. Several Apple pens and other Intel collectibles are also in stock - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ladies basic black new Apple t-shirt

This is a hard to find Ladies Hanes Her Way black T-shirt from the Apple Store in Cupertino. It is a size large (42-44) ladies cut short sleeve shirt made in Mexico of 100%  preshrunk cotton. It is brand new and has a screened white bitten Apple logo on the front.

It is priced at $22 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Apple launches MacBook Pro 'Butterfly Keyboard' replacement program in Canada


Vintage Apple G3 T-shirt with the toasted Intel bunny suit guy

This is a rare old stock Apple employee T-shirt in like new (never worn or washed) condition from the late '90's. It is a size 2XL Lofteez brand shirt made by Fruit of the Loom assembled in Honduras with made in the USA components.

The front has the black bitten Apple logo over G3 and the back has the Toasted Bunny spoof of the Intel guy with the implication that the G3 Macintosh computer has just 'smoked' the Pentium dude and left him in a cloud of WTF. The highly collectible shirt is priced at $60 plus postage at cost. There are other Intel items available, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

Apple PowerMac G3 Commercial "Toasted Bunny" Intel Pentium II TV Ad (1998)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Best Part of the macOS Mojave Beta Might Be the Hidden Messy Desktop Option


Vintage Apple computer coffee cups collection

For sale is a collection of vintage ceramic coffee mugs featuring the Apple Computer rainbow logo and Garamond font. The 2 in front are a slightly darker shade of white than the back 3. Two of the back 3 are perfect and one mug is used. The overall condition is very good with just a few scuffs/scratches to the black lettering from being displayed in a collection for 10+ years. They are very nice and clean and are offered for sale for $55 each. Insured mailing will be at cost of postage depending on your location. To inquire contact Dave via

update: all 5 are $275. The front 2 are $110, the back 3 are $165. a 4th mug like the back 3 is available and has a small chip on the handle and it is priced at $40. the 30 Mac birthday poster is also available.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Facebook’s controversial Messenger Kids is rolling out to Canada and Peru

The Verge

Apple iPhone Development Camp T-shirt

This is a black Apple Computer iPhone Development Camp t-shirt. It is a size Medium made by American Apparel in Downtown LA of 100% combed cotton. It appears to be brand new, the tags look new and unwashed and there are no signs of wear.

This rare Apple shirt has the text iPhoneDevCamp with asymmetrical white flame graphics that wrap around the side. It was not available to the public. Priced at $60 with mailing at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

There is also a gray version of this shirt, click the DevCamp label below

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Vintage Bondi iMac Computer launch "Say Hello to iMac" sticker pack

This is the packet of stickers that came with the original Bondi Blue 233 iMac. They are still in the unopened original package and measure 3"x4". The price is $12 - postage included.

There are other Bondi iMac items available: shirts, posters, keyboards, components and even a complete working computer. Click the bondi label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Why I just started caring about macOS


Vintage Power Computing "Moment Historique!" promo T-shirt

This is a rare and highly collectible new-old-stock and never worn Power Computing "Moment Historique!" promotional T-shirt. It is a size XL Lofteeze brand Fruit of the Loom made of 100% preshrunk cotton. It is a high quality heavy cotton shirt made in the USA.

The original owner acquired it at the August 1996 Boston MacWorld. The next year Steve Jobs returned to Apple and immediately cancelled the clone programs and bought out Power Computing. This historic moment shirt is priced at $90 with insured postage at cost depending on your location. To inquire contact Dave via

There are other Power Computing items available, click the label below.

Read more about the Macintosh clones at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers

Macworld UK

25th Anniversary "1984" stylized Anya Major T-shirt by FastMac

The 25th anniversary of Apple's Superbowl ad t-shirt features a stylized graphic of Anya Major — any similarity between the logo and the star of Apple’s iconic “1984” ad is purely intentional. This shirt was created by FastMac to celebrate Apple's greatest ad campaign. KootenayMac has 3 available for $20 each in sizes M, L and XL. They are made in Honduras by Hanes Tagless of 100% cotton. To inquire contact Dave via - mailing is available at cost.

Click the 1984 or Anya Major label below for additional info about the Apple ad and other related memorabilia like the 1984/2004 commemorative poster for sale at KootenayMac.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Macintosh 30th Anniversary Women's T-Shirt Happy Birthday Mac

This is a rare women's cut size XL Apple 30th Anniversary Happy Birthday Mac T-shirt. It is a limited edition commemorative shirt for employees and dealers only and is already very hard to find. The front has a rainbow 3 and the text Happy Birthday, Mac. It celebrates the launch of the 128K Macintosh in 1984. The back reads: Celebrating 30 years of making computers people love.

This is a brand new, never worn, never washed highly collectible Apple shirt made by American Apparel of 100% combed cotton. The tag reads: This t-shirt was sewn by 9 people in a sweatshop-free environment in Downtown LA, where they are paid fair wages and have access to healthcare and benefits. This women's size XL shirt might run a bit small so here are the measurements: 17" across bust, 26" from top of back neckline to hem and 7 inch sleeve. Two mens shirts are also available. They are all priced at $50 each with mailing at cost of postage.

The matching white 30th Anniversary Happy Birthday Mac poster is also available and a shirt can be shipped in the poster tube to save on shipping. The 24 by 36 inch poster is priced at $50. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The 18 things you may not realise Facebook knows about you

Daily Mail Online

All 6 BC Canada Apple Store Opening T-shirts

For sale is a collection of 6 black British Columbia Canada Apple Store opening t-shirts: Oakridge Centre in Vancouver, Richmond Centre in Richmond, Metrotown in Burnaby, Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, Coquitlam Centre in Coquitlam and Pacific Centre in Vancouver. All are XL except Guildford Centre which is Large. You will probably not find all 6 elsewhere as this collection took several years to assemble.

All appear to be in near new or in very good condition. They are either marked made in USA if no tag or tagged as made by American Apparel. This collection of the 6 BC store launch shirts is priced at $190 plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, June 18, 2018

How To Downgrade From MacOS beta

Macworld UK

Apple sponsored Yosemite Park poster signed by photographer Stephen Johnson

This is a Yosemite National Park poster signed by the award winning photographer Stephen Johnson. The poster gives large credit to sponsors Apple Computers and Adobe Systems and is autographed by the photographer as shown in the picture. This poster is from With a New Eye - The Digital National Parks Project and measures approx. 24" by 30". It is in good condition with no tears, holes, tape or creases.

Johnson's 1998 photo is shown at Parks Project Photographs. It was no surprise that the previous Mac OS is named Yosemite (and then Sierra, High Sierra and next is Mojave) as Apple now uses names based on “those places that inspire us here in California”. The price is $30 and it will be mailed in a heavy cardboard tube with postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

Digital Landscape Nature Photographs and Fine Art Prints by Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson Biography

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

computers, devices and hardware available

kootenaymac: current list

Friday, June 15, 2018

How To Downgrade From High Sierra To An Older Version Of MacOS

Macworld UK

Power Computing decals, mouse, pad and PowerTower Pro install CD

This is a collection of Power Computing items from the best known Macintosh clone company. Included are the original decals, a mouse, a mouse pad and a PowerTower Pro Install CD. The decals are a set of 4 in two sizes. The mouse is an original Power Computing ADB one button mouse with logo. The Power Computing Install CD contains system installers, utilities and bundled software for PowerTower Pro, p/n 1620-0003-00 release 3.0 MacOS 7.6 and it is in excellent condition with no scratches. The vintage 9" Power Computing Mouse Pad is well used but is still a fine collector's item.

This collection is for sale as a set for $95 with mailing at cost. Other Power Computing items are also available; click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

Power Computing Corporation - Wikipedia
Power Computing Ad Campaigns

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grab all 16 macOS Mojave dynamic wallpapers right here

Cult of Mac

Apple Employee 2nd Gen. iPod Nano Release T-Shirt

This iPod Apple Employee T-Shirt was the store uniform for the release of the 2nd. generation iPod Nano. The front of the shirt reads "Completely Remastered".

The back (shown) features the five 2nd generation iPod Nano colors. The Apple logo is on the left sleeve. It is a rare size Medium, made by American Apparel in Downtown LA of 100% cotton.

This Los Angeles Apple Store shirt has been worn and washed once on day of issue and is in like new condition. It is priced at $22 with postage for $8 to US and Canada. To inquire contact Dave via

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