Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Can you opt out a Mac for iCloud Photos? Yes, but click carefully


2003 print ad

This is an original 2003 print advertisement for featuring a Gibson ES-335 Guitar. The ad measures approx. 8 x 10.5 inches. The print is the back cover from a Sports Illustrated magazine. The image became the icon for GarageBand. Within a month Apple changed the concept to iTunes and the rest is history.

Condition Graded Near Fine, in a plastic sleeve with provenance. It is priced at $50. There is a second one without provenance or sleeve for $25. Postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

WaybackMachine Archives Remember
Neither does anyone else. This ultra rare Apple poster heralds the age of the iTunes Store before Apple figured out what to call it.

There is a rare full size Apple poster available as well, click the applemusic label below.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Do Your macOS And iOS Apps Spark Joy?


Apple Hong Kong IFC Mall Store Launch T-Shirts

This is the rare T-shirt given out to the first customers through the door of the first Hong Kong Apple store. The Hong Kong store launch was Saturday, September 24th, 2011 at IFC Mall. This is a genuine launch day new unworn red T-shirt and it comes in an opened presentation box identical to the one shown except the seal was neatly sliced open and the shirt is labeled a Youth Large. The box was mailed to Canada inside another box with HK postage and can be re-mailed as such or the opened box can be flattened for a less expensive postage rate. This shirt with box is priced at $88 USD with postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

update: a size Large, as new, no box, also available - price is $88.

First Hong Kong Apple Store draws massive crowd on opening day

click to view this logo on the IFC Apple Store in Hong Kong

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Monday, March 18, 2019

How to speed up a slow Mac or MacBook

Macworld UK

Apple G3 PowerMac 300 tower

For sale is a working 1999 Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 (Blue & White) tower with non-matching but correct factory box with original styro packing. The tower has a vga video card, built in zip drive, 256 Ram, running 9.2.2 OS on an upgraded 20GB HD - the original hard drive is included as is a LaCie usb external drive with manual and cords. Included are 3 manuals and a rainbow power cord. It will need a new 3.6V pram battery.

This B&W tower is very clean, does not have any scratches on the blue side cover Apple logos but has 2 typical cracks at the side panel screw holes as shown. The price is $50 USD - add 40$ for the keyboard and mouse. An optional accessories box from a different B&W can be added for $30. Shipping is available in the factory box but would be expensive these days - local pickup in western Canada preferred. There are other computers available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Apple Pro Speakers for G4 iMac and PowerMacs

These Apple Pro Speakers feature the powerful Harman Kardon audio technology. The Apple Pro Speakers cannot be used with any computer that does not have an Apple Speaker sound output port. They are compatible with the Power Mac G4 Digital Audio, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver, Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 2002, Power Mac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors, Power Mac G4 FW 800, iMac Flat Panel, iMac 17-inch Flat Panel, iMac 1GHz Flat Panel.

Comes in the very hard to find original box with packing and documentation, would be a fine addition to an Apple collection. Awesome sound, as new, priced at $85 with mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

a second set of Pro speakers without the box is available for $50 - photo on request

read the Apple Support article: Apple Pro Speakers: Compared to Power Mac G4 Cube Speakers

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Taking advantage of the macOS App Switcher

Apple World Today

Power Computing 1997 Fight Tyranny Macworld poster

This is a super rare Power Computing poster from the 1997 San Francisco Macworld. The text is "The Fight Against Tyranny Begins! Join the Mac Resistance!" This Apple clone poster was designed by punk rock poster artist Frank Kozik who did a series of them for PowerComputing in the mid '90's until Steve Jobs returned to Apple and ended the clone program later that year.

At the January 1997 Macworld Expo, Power Computing fired up the Mac faithful with its “Fight Back for the Mac!” campaign, complete with company reps dressed in camouflage uniforms circling the Expo hall in Hummers emblazoned with Power Computing logos.

This poster was collected at the January Moscone Center Macworld Expo and the original owner had this to say: "The Power Computing booth was out of this poster by the time I got there, but a peripheral manufacturing company (whose name escapes me) was displaying this - hence the staple holes. Anyway they said I could have it if I came back at the end of the day. So I did! As mentioned, this does have some holes where it was stapled to a display board." It measures approx. 23" by 32" and the staple holes in top and bottom white space should cover when framed.

This highly collectible and nearly impossible to find vintage poster is priced at $345 and that includes insured postage in a heavy cardboard tube. There are other vintage and rare posters and shirts from the Power Computing era available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

Power Computing Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Power Computing Ad Campaigns "Power Computing never did back down from a good fight. The edgy ads led by Marketing Weasel Mike Rosenfelt got plenty of attention and sold a ton of computers."

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

How to stop your iPhone from tracking and storing the locations of where you live, work, and visit


Apple WWDC 2009 Developers Conference app icon T-shirt

This is a black short sleeve super rare size Small t-shirt made of 100% preshrunk cotton by Hanes Beefy-T in El Salvador. It is in mint condition - never worn, never washed, never taken out of the factory sealed bag.

It has "WWDC 09" on back and WWDC 2009 spelled out on the front in apps type icons. It is priced at $30 and is available for mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

also available is a new size Large, $30

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What happens when you delete an album in the Mac’s Photos app?


Apple G5 Launch Poster 2004

This is the Apple Poster for the G5 introduction in 2004. The bottom text reads Introducing the World's first 64-bit personal computer. Apple Power Mac G5

This poster is quite good, has not been displayed, it has a few wrinkles but no tears or holes and minimal edge creases. It is from a private collection of a long-time Apple employee. The size is approx. 36x24 inches and will ship rolled in a heavy cardboard tube - postage at cost. It is priced at $70.

There is a matching G5 launch black and silver T-shirt - click the G5 shirt label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How To Change macOS Cursor Size


Apple's only horror movie T-shirt: “REVENGE OF THE LOCALIZERS”

Apple Computer's division in France created this vintage T-shirt. This is a classic collectible from the early Apple days that has never been worn and only removed from the original plastic bag to take the picture. It is featured in the Apple T-Shirt Book in the section on Conferences on page 158 with other shirts from the late 80's and early 90's titled Worldwide Localization.

On the front is a depiction of a horror movie and the words “REVENGE OF THE LOCALIZERS” and “Apple  France”. The label reads Fajer USA, 100% Combed Cotton, Made in Mexico and the size Extra Large. Included inside is the original washing instruction card in French. All the horror movie text is in English. It is priced at $125. You may never see another for sale in this new condition. To inquire contact Dave via

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Monday, March 11, 2019

How To Start Your Mac In Safe Mode


Tribute to the Red Green Show - Vintage iMac Collection

For sale are two 333MHz G3 trayloader iMacs. They are the Revision D iMacs released on April 14, 1999 - code named Life Savers - but referred to as FlavorMacs. Both are running Mac OS 9.2 and are upgradeable to OSX but they have very small hard drives and will need the 3.6V clock pram batteries replaced. Matching correct keyboards are also available.

I chose these two iMacs - a Strawberry and a Lime - to sell as a set not for the Christmasy colors but rather as a hat tip to the great Canadian handyman from Possum Lake Ontario, Red Green. A roll of Duct Tape is included. Local pickup only - they are too fragile to risk shipping. Price for the set of two iMacs with original rainbow power cords is $135 CDN or $100USD. There are more G3 iMacs available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via
The Official Red Green Web Site
The Red Green Show - Wikipedia: "Keep your stick on the ice."

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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Vintage Tangerine Apple Company Store Ball Point Pen

This Apple-branded pen dates back to the "FlavorMac" years around Y2K when the iMacs and iBook Clamshells came in a variety of colors. This Tangerine ball point pen, in its original packing tube, was purchased at the Apple Company Store in Cupertino, the only place it was available. The tube is 4.5" long, with the bar code sticker intact.

The pen is unused. It still has plenty of ink inside it, but perhaps because of aging, it did not write when tested in June, but it still makes a good vintage collectible item. It is priced at $35 and that includes postage. Odds are you will not find another. There are several other Tangerine collectibles available - click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Apple Downloads

Apple - Support

Toast Silk Screened MacWorld 2000 T-shirt

New Silk Screened Macworld 2000 T-shirt. This "Roxio" Toast shirt is size Large and is from the NYC Macworld Expo in 2000. It is brand new and has never been washed or worn - it was wrapped in original plastic and stored since the Expo.

Super rare and mint - one only, reasonably priced at $15. Mailing available at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Repairing the mysteriously muted Mac


Rare Apple Powerbook Engineering Project Team T-Shirt

This t-shirt was made for Apple's CPU Development Team when the Macintosh Portable reached its design verification test (DVT) milestone. Steve Jobs had always envisioned a notebook-sized computer and the Portable predates the iPad by 20 years. These 1989 Apple employee t-shirts were printed in very small quantities and handed out to internal Apple engineering staff and project team members only. This shirt was never offered for sale and is a rare part of Apple history. It is shown on page 28 of the Apple T-Shirts Book. The dinosaur head shows a profile of the Portable.

This shirt is new and has never been worn or washed and is from the collection of a 20 year Apple employee. It is a size Large Super Hi-Cru made in the USA of 100% cotton by Steadman. The dinosaur graphics are silkscreened on the back and CPU Development Team and an Apple is on the front left chest. It is in mint condition and is priced at $75 with postage at cost.

there are other Apple engineer shirts available, click the label below

Macintosh Portable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Vintage Dinosaur of a Design for APPLE from 1989

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

No Sound, not even on start up...

Apple Community

Apple USB Keyboards (M2452)

The FlavorMac Yum keyboards for sale are Grape, Lime, Tangerine, Strawberry and Blueberry- $30 each or 4 for $100 plus postage from western Canada. The Graphites were for the towers and the cable is a bit longer and are $35. Also 10 NOS mint unused Grape boards for $40 each (two are shown top left in bubble wrap) or 3 for $100. There are 5 red mice that appear near new - $25 each. There is a complete collection of the M2452 series - shown in the box - for $180 US plus postage.

To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Best free email for Macs 2019

Macworld UK

Apple Store Cherry Hill New Jersey T-shirt

This is a black size XL T-shirt made in Honduras of 100% preshrunk cotton by Hanes Beefy-T. It is not new having been washed several times but it is in very good condition with no cracking or fade on the small white bitten apple and just a bit of cracking on the 'e' in Cherry. It was handed out to the first 500 people in line at the opening of the Cherry Hill New Jersey store on March 29, 2008 and was never reprinted.This shirt, one only, is priced at $25, mailing at cost. Other Apple Store shirts are for sale, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

video - the shirts are handed out in white boxes starting at 4 minutes in:
Cherry Hill, NJ - Apple Store Grand Opening - YouTube

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Monday, March 04, 2019

How to Enable “Hey Siri” on Mac


Red, White and Blueberry G3 iMac collection

G3 iMac collection for sale in western Canada. This is a decent set of G3 iMacs - they are all 500MHz, with at least 256 Ram, 40GB HD (the Snow has an 80) and all are running 10.4.11 Tiger OS. Not mint - there are scuffs on the plastics and the Blueberry has a couple of scratches on the screen.

These are far too fragile to ship so local pickup in Nelson BC - just north of Spokane WA. Price is $135 USD for this set of vintage red white and blue iMacs.

There are optional keyboards, mice and other iMacs available. To inquire contact Dave via

click for more computers available

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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Apple Computer SURF's UP Chiat/Day magazine ad proof

Apple Computer genuine vintage iMac SURF's UP magazine ad proof circa 1999. Who needs surfing lessons when you can just hop onto the internet with an iMac? Simply plug it in and you'll be online surfing in 10 minutes. (No wet suit required). Think Different

The small text at bottom reads: TBWA CHIAT/DAY, INC.LA APPLE Q399-99-P2013A Magazine 4/C. It is printed on glossy magazine paper and measures 50cm wide x 36cm tall or 19.5" wide x 14" tall. This proof was used to create a magazine advertising campaign back in 1998/1999 in Australia. This is the original, genuine ad proof provided by the famous Apple advertising agency. It is priced at $50 and will be mailed, at cost, in a heavy cardboard tube with insurance. A second ad is also available - click the Chiat/Day label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, March 01, 2019

Run the Very First Web Browser from 1990, WorldWideWeb


GOOGLE 2007 Summer of Code T-shirt

New black Google T-shirt with Summer of Code 2007 graphic printed on the front. A Tiki mask with a mouth full of binary code is printed on the back. The fabric is preshrunk 100% cotton. It is a size Medium Beefy-T made in Honduras for Hanes.

From Wikipedia: The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program, first held from May to August 2005,[1] in which Google awards stipends to hundreds of students who successfully complete a requested free software / open-source coding project during the summer. The event draws its name from the 1967 Summer of Love and the idea for the SoC came directly from Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

This shirt is sourced from a high tech collector in Cupertino, California. It is priced at $18 and is available for mailing at cost of postage. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery

Apple Support

Blue Apple employee T-shirt

This is the well recognized yet hard to find Apple store employee T-shirt. It is a bit darker blue than shown in the photo with a white screened Apple logo on the front. It is a size Large made in the USA of 100% combed cotton by American Apparel. It appears brand new and in mint condition but has been washed once.

It is priced at $20 and is available for mailing at cost of postage depending on location. To inquire contact Dave via

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won't Turn On


Awesomely Rude Apple poster: Hell Froze Over

This is a rare Apple poster for the 2003 launch of iTunes for Windows. The text is Hell Froze Over. Introducing iTunes for Windows. The best Windows app ever written.

The size is approx. 36" x 24" - it has never been displayed and there are no holes however it does have small edge creases, and one longer crease near the bottom. It is from a private Apple employee collection and is priced at $100 - mailed in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage. There is another one available with no creases, never displayed, for $150. To inquire contact Dave via

Missingbite has one for a nickel shy of $200 bucks: Hell Froze Over Poster

Apple - iTunes Music Event - Hell Froze Over - 2003 (starts at 19 minutes)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Finder issues? How to delete its preferences

Vintage Apple G3 Indigo iMac desktop

This model of G3 iMac is referred to as the Summer 2001. It has a 500 MHz processor, 256 MB ram, a 20 MB hard drive running 10.2 Jaguar (upgradeable to 10.4 Tiger) and a DVD Rom optical drive. It is not mint as there are some scuffs and signs of use but it is in quite good condition and is one of the more attractive iMacs to have in a collection.

Because the older interior plastics are becoming more brittle with age, there is no shipping for this 30 lb. computer - local pick up in Nelson BC Canada only. It is priced at $70 US or $90 CDN. It comes with an Apple rainbow power cord. There is an Apple keyboard and mouse available if wanted.

There are other G3 iMacs available. To inquire contact Dave via

Apple iMac G3/500 (Summer 2001) Specs

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Thunderbolt 3 adapter guide: How to connect your devices


Rare Apple Cafe coat from the abandoned Media Hub project

This is a very rare and vintage stadium coat from Apple's abandoned 'Apple Cafe' project. It is in near-new excellent condition sourced from a collector in Southern California.

It is a lined and substantial black Hilton brand jacket in a size Large made in Hong Kong of 100% cotton. There is a large embroidered Apple Cafe global logo on back and a small embroidered Apple rainbow logo on the front. It has a zipper front with snaps at top and bottom and 5 pockets on the front plus one zipper pocket in the lining and cinch pull-strings at the waist. The front photo is lightened to show the pockets better. It was a very limited edition coat for a small group of designers and promoters of the '96 Apple Cafe concept. The Cafe project was shelved in '97 as Steve Jobs returned to Apple and initiated a study for the stand alone 'store within a store' concept in Japan instead.

Here is a Wayback Machine snapshot of the original Welcome to Apple Cafe! at the 'coming soon' webpage. This unique piece of Apple history is priced at $290 plus insured postage at cost. The coat weighs about 3 lbs. boxed. To inquire contact Dave via

update: an identical size XL in unworn condition is also available it is priced at $325

read about the Apple Cafe concept here: From a parallel universe: The Apple Cafe

and a bit more at Mac Rumors

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Very hard to find "i think therefore iMac" buttons

For sale - several NOS "i think, therefore iMac" pinback  buttons. These buttons show the original iMac; the Bondi was the first iMac ever made. These pins have become rare since the introduction of the iMac in 1998. They are priced at $20 each and that includes postage. Some Apple Bondi shirts, posters, banners and a complete original Bondi iMac computer and parts are also available. To inquire contact Dave via

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Friday, February 22, 2019

GOOGLE Dance 2007 T-shirt

GOOGLE Dance 2007 T-shirt. Brand new without tags. Size Medium. Made of 100% cotton by American Apparel.
* Google Dance logo printed on front.
* Color: Black with classy graphics.
* Size: Men's Medium.
This rare Google t-shirt is priced at $15. A 2006 Google Dance t-shirt available also - click the Google Dance label below. To inquire contact Dave via - mailing is available for all shirts at the cost of the postage.

What is Google Dance? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Google says Nest’s secret microphone was ‘never intended to be a secret’


30th Anniversary of the Macintosh poster

This is an authentic limited edition Apple 30th Anniversary poster. It was only given to employees and developers for commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Macintosh computer.

It is brand new, never hung or displayed. It measures 24 by 36 inches and will ship rolled in a heavy cardboard tube. The text on the bottom reads Happy Birthday, Mac. It is priced at $50 (or 2 for $90) plus postage at cost. It would be a great addition to any Apple poster collection. There are also some companion 30th Anniversary T-shirts in black available. Click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

Watch Apple's tribute to 30 years of Mac, shot entirely with iPhones | The Verge

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What is macOS Sandboxing and Why Does It Exist?

Apple Gazette

Apple Levi Denim Jacket NWOPS 1990

This jacket is from a New York state vintage Apple collection; it has been worn and washed once and looks new. It is a size 48 XL denim LEVI jacket that Apple distributed as a souvenir at their October 1990 NWOPS sales meeting in San Antonio, Texas - note the Armadillo on the logo. It has an embroidered red bitten Apple and a booted armadillo crested with "Arm'd For Success."

It was made in the USA by Levi Strauss & Co., it has 4 outside pockets and two inside pockets. All the leather tags, the red Levi labels and the 527 metal buttons are in place. Note: NWOPS on the jacket stands for Apple's 'Northwest Operations' Sales area: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana. This extremely rare genuine Apple Levi western cut jacket is reasonably priced at $90 with mailing available at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to add a folder from your Finder Sidebar to the Dock on Mac


Vintage Apple G3 Ruby iMac desktop

This model of G3 iMac is referred to as the Summer 2000 DV+. It has a 450 MHz processor, 384 MB ram, a 20 GB hard drive running 10.4 Tiger and a DVD Rom optical drive. It is not mint as there are some scuffs and signs of use but it is in quite good condition and is one of the more attractive iMacs to have in a collection.

Because the older interior plastics are becoming more brittle with age, there is no shipping for this 30 lb. computer - local pick up in Nelson BC Canada only. It is priced at $100 US or $135 CDN. There is a red keyboard and mouse or an Apple Pro set available if wanted.
There are other G3 iMacs available. To inquire contact Dave via

>> click for other computers available

Summer 2000: The splintering iMac G3 line – 512 Pixels

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Monday, February 18, 2019

New Website Generates Fake Photos of People Using AI Technology


to view a new face each time just click here then refresh the face that appears

Vintage Apple PowerMac t-shirt with outta-this-world graphics

This is an Apple Computer Power Macintosh Worldwide Operations employee T-shirt. The back is shown. The front says "We Deliver the Power" with a red Apple logo underneath and "Worldwide Operations" under that. This shirt is featured on page 123 of the Apple T-shirt Book. All Worldwide Operations employees received this shirt commemorating the launch of the PowerMac in 1994. The cheetah represents Sheila Brady, the "high energy" manager of the PowerPC operations and the checkered flag is the completion of the project as the new computer starts rolling off the assembly line. Cheetah eventually became the first of the next gen cat named OS X operating systems, then Puma and the rest is history.

This highly collectible shirt is an Oneita Power-T size XL made in the USA of 100% pre-shrunk cotton in excellent as-new condition. This spectacular shirt personifies the use of graphic design by Apple departments to tell the Apple world "what cool projects you've done." It is priced for the comprehensive Macintosh collector at $145 plus postage. KootenayMac has several shirts from the Apple T-Shirt Book for sale - click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

read about the Power Macintosh G3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and Mac OS X 10.0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Apple Computer Vintage Logo Wall Clock

"A is for Apple" was an '80's Apple ad campaign. This analog Apple clock measures approximately 10 inches in diameter, has a white frame with clear plastic lens over the face, and the quartz movement runs on one AA battery. The clock is from GoldenOldieClocks of Post Falls Idaho and is not a genuine Apple product but would go well in any Apple collection. It is not silent, the ticking is audible, but it keeps accurate time and is large enough to read across the room. This clock is priced at $35 plus shipping at cost or local pick up. To inquire contact Dave via

the original "A is for Apple" ad

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Friday, February 15, 2019

If iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Apple Support


This is a great "Warhol" style short sleeve crew neck t-shirt. The shirt is made by Fruit of the Loom "Lofteez". Color is black. Size/brand info was printed inside the shirt - no tag - but I can't make out the size. Measurements are consistent with XXL or 2XL. Chest measurement side to side is 25". The fabric is cotton.

Shirt front features the Roxio logo. On the back there is a large graphic of cd's in toasters. Text says, "TOAST the art of burning". Priced at $12 - mailing at cost. There is another Toast T-shirt available - click the Roxio label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Director of Apple's '1984' & 'Think Different' campaigns retires from Apple's ad partner


iPhone 6 vinyl advertising sign

This is the Apple iPhone 6 advertising poster copyright 2014. It is a new vinyl poster measuring 22"x28". It has not been hung or displayed but has some light wrinkling. It is priced at $50, with mailing in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage.

To inquire contact Dave via

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