Thursday, November 30, 2023

Super rare Apple clone Power Computing Sluggo Intel kick-ass T-shirt

This is an extremely rare Power Computing T-shirt, size XL. It is a Fruit of the Loom Heavy 100% pre-shrunk cotton made in the USA. It was created when Intel's fastest Pentium processor was only 200MHz, and Power Computing released a new model with a 225MHz PowerPC chip. The original owner was given this shirt as a gift circa 1997. He never wore or washed the shirt, it had been in his closet for over ten years. Here is a close-up of the front.
The owner had this to say: "However, despite the lack of wear and washing, there is a slight discoloration at the neckline, a quarter-size light stain on the lower front of the shirt (the stain would be below the belt line if wearing the shirt and not visible), and finally another mark on the back side of the right shoulder. The shirt has been in a non-smoking household and is in very good condition... if not for the imperfections described above, I would say it is "as new". I have absolutely no idea how the shirt got these marks, it may have been from when I moved a few years ago - I really don't know! The marks may come out with washing, but I did not want to risk damaging such a rare shirt in the washing machine, so I am selling it as-is." Ditto.

When looking up the provenance of this shirt this comment was found:
"Rare and wonderful is the Power Computing t-shirt entitled "Let's Kick Intel's Ass!" It was withdrawn from the market in two phases. The first was to address the then bad word 'ass' and the second was due to the character on the t-shirt being remarkably like the copyrighted character Sluggo from the Nancy cartoons." -- also it was rumored that Intel's lawyers were looking at action as well.

This ultra rare Power Computing t-shirt is priced at $95. There is a companion poster also available, click the Power Computing label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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