Monday, December 04, 2023

collection of beige Mac software from the mid-90's

Software donated by a teacher dating to circa 1996. Includes boxed sets of  SuperPaint, Aldus Freehand, ClarisWorks, Norton Utilities, Adobe Photoshop, Symantec Suitcase, and Adoble TypeManager plus related books, manuals and floppy disks. I do not know any more about the software.

no charge for the items but I'd appreciate $40 USD for making the ad, boxing it all up and hauling it to the post office (at 77 this is not so easy). Weight is 20# so postage will be quite a bit extra - shipping is from Canada. Local pickup in Nelson BC is preferred and you can just take it away. A good deal for a collector of older Macs.
To inquire contact Dave via

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