Tuesday, April 02, 2024

vintage Apple G3 and G4 plastic collection

some random Macintosh plastics - the G3 B/W front piece is an impossible to find factory NOS with protective cover still on. The G4 Graphite front piece has both optional doors - a rarity indeed. One good foot/handle from a G4 tower, one cracked G3 handle, and 4 complete Apple logos (3 shown, one more Blueberry turned up) and one (2 now) Indigo foot mounts are included.

On the green background is a rainbow cord and a rare factory sealed NOS VGA-ready rear cover plate for the G3 iMac with the affixed label in 7 languages. I prefer to sell as a lot so $100USD and you get all the plastics - add $10 for the rainbow power cord. Shipping is from western Canada so guessing at least $30 shipping to the States. A set of 4 rainbow power cords are also available - click the cord label below.

update: a white Macbook apple lid logo also included

To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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