Friday, May 05, 2023

a collection of early Apple, Mac iMac books

i ended up with a collection of books from around 20 years ago from the guy who taught me web editing, all seem in very good shape, many seem new. 5 weigh about 16 lbs so 5 or 6 would be like $65 mailed to Texas or 10 lbs to Ohio would be $50 (a bit more in Canada). Some date back to System 7 and 8, several are repair and trouble shooting - even CAD stuff and a Photoshop 4 disk in one. I don't want them, and won't recycle them so they can sit on the bottom shelf of the book case where they have been for about a decade. 

No idea of value, so make any offers but i won't box up one or two and haul to post office for peanuts in the Covid age plus I'm in outback Canada and that means customs forms and a chunk of time involved. click the pics taken today for larger views - some of you know more about the titles than I do. Hella stash for a museum or collector.
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