Friday, July 05, 2024

vintage Apple product posters random grouping #3

store display posters from Digerati Computing, Nelson BC circa 2010 - displayed once and stored flat ever since - size is approx 22" wide by 28" tall. these groupings are for sale as an entire lot after they are all posted - not for sale individually - there are a few duplicates such as the OS X Lion poster

there are 4 lots and they are only available as a complete set when all are posted. there is no individual price or description other than the photo - some have pin holes or tape in corners, all have been stored flat out of the light for about 6-10 years

click the individual poster photos to see larger views - photos were taken in 2021

the poster total is 25 with 2 duplicates. if i find more i'll just include them - the price is $20 apiece for a total of $500USD.  i just want to liquidate and keep trips to the post office to a minimum. all posters go as a lot - no individual sales at 20 bucks a pop. packing, safe shipping and insurance are going to be an issue but we can work something out. to see all 4 lots click the poster lots 123 and 4 label below

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