Wednesday, May 08, 2024

vintage pre-Applemusic magazine ad collection

for sale: a collection of 8 complete magazine issues with back cover ads for which was a short-lived music website that was replaced soon after launch by iTunes. During May 2003 this guitar image appeared as promo ads on the back covers of several well known magazines and then they all disappeared and were replaced by the iTunes Store as Apple Computer and Apple Corps squared off over the use of the name. These print mementos of a brief yet game-changing piece of Apple history is available as a collection for $180USD and that includes postage.

Also available is a full size ultra rare 2003 promo poster featuring a Gibson ES-345 Guitar. Price is $400. It became better known as the Garage Band icon. This poster measures 24" x 36" - click the applemusic label below.

WaybackMachine Archives from 2004 - Remember
Neither does anyone else. This ultra rare Apple poster heralds the age of the iTunes Store before Apple figured out what to call it.

Apple Corps v Apple Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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