Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Mac OSX Server 10.3 unlimited client boxed software - 5 boxes

Opened box with seemingly unused original Apple OSX Server 10.3 system software with unlimited client license. This is a boxed 4-disk CD set with manuals, 2 disk install set, Admin tools, X-Code CD and 2 white Apple decals. It includes the license code for unlimited client use.

This disk set can be installed on any Mac with a G3, G4 or G5 processor (excluding some upgrade cards), at least 128MB of physical RAM and built in USB. Also on hand is an opened box and possibly unused disks 10.3 Family pack 5 users and an open box 10.3.2 Retail version. All are complete boxes, including stickers. To inquire about prices, click the Read more and contact Dave via

Box 1>> Apple Mac OSX Server v. 10.3.4 adds simple but powerful file, print, LDAP, email and web server functionality to a regular Mac. Includes full remote configuration and management. Since the processing power required for file serving is very low (the key limitation is network speed), adding OSX Server to something like an old PowerMac G4 or G5 can provide a cost effective introduction to the stability and security of a file server. Even early G4s which may seem of no value any more can make very competent file servers although please be aware that some earlier G3 and G4 PowerMacs only supported internal hard disks up to 128GB so to add high capacity internal disks would require the addition of a fast ATA PCI card.
Part Number: M9236Z/A - price is $100 plus postage

Box 2>> Apple Mac OS X PANTHER v 10.3 Family pack 5 users
Box is complete and contains:
-Mac OS X Panther Version 10.3 CDs 1, 2, 3 and XCode Tools CD (4 CDs all together.)
-Installation and Setup Guide Manual
-Welcome to OS X Manual
-Welcome to Panther Manual
Part Number: M9228LL/A - price is $65 plus postage

Box 3, 4 and 5>> Apple Mac OS X PANTHER v 10.3.2 Retail Version - Disks are in excellent condition.
Part Number: M9227LL/A - price is $50 each plus postage

(Following Information from the Apple Website - Support Tab):
Requirements for Mac OS X Panther 10.3
Mac OS X 10.3 works with these Macintosh computers:
Power Mac G5--all models except Power Mac G5 (Early 2005), Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) which use Mac OS X 10.4
Power Mac G4 or Macintosh Server G4--all models
Power Macintosh G3 or Macintosh Server G3 that have built-in USB ports
iMac--all models released in 2004 or earlier
iBook--all models except iBook G4 (Mid 2005) which uses Mac OS X 10.4
PowerBook G4--all models except PowerBook G4 (Double-Layer SD) which uses Mac OS X 10.4
PowerBook G3--Bronze Keyboard models only

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