Monday, September 11, 2023

Fridge size Vintage Apple IIe and IIgs Point of Sale Poster

This is a giant double sided vintage Apple II poster from the early days before the word *enhanced* was added to the keyboard on the IIe, possibly '84 to very early '85. One one side is the Apple IIe keyboard and on the reverse is the Apple IIGS keyboard. This is an Apple Dealer Point of Sale poster and is very rare.

It's not mint but would be a fine addition to any early Apple collection. There are a few creases and scratches, but no tears. There are pin holes in each corner, a scratch and pin size puncture in the tab key area and one small spot in the blue on one side looks touched up with a marker. 

This poster measures 20" high and 56" wide on heavy card stock poster paper and the photos show it on our fridge held in place with magnets. Not kidding here, it's one big poster and would make a great backdrop for a collection of classic beige Macs. It is reasonably priced at $175USD/225CDN with shipping in a heavy cardboard tube at cost of postage depending on location. To inquire contact Dave via

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