Thursday, July 21, 2022

Apple pinback collection

for sale is a collection of 9 Apple and related pinbacks plus a bonus Macromedia Freehand Graphics Studio 7 pin. Top left is an Apple iTunes London Festival pin with unused wristband with paper info priced at $25. Center top is an I Want My Mac TV pin from MASS Microsystems valued at $15. Top right is a vintage University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada MacFest '88 Apple Macintosh advertising pin priced at $20. In the middle is a You, a Mac, the world pin from Boston MacWorld in 1995 for $25. Center right is the bonus the bug-eyed Macromedia Freehand pin valued at $15. 

Black pin lower right is a rare Apple Insider pin with the text "Banned in Cupertino" priced at $40. Middle bottom is a 1999 YUM pin with the original FlavorMacs priced at $25. Far left is a very hard to find Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer pin. It is the infamous Fanged Apple, a design created in protest of Apple's lawsuit regarding graphical user interfaces (GUI) software in response to a "look and feel" lawsuit in 1989. There are 2 more available  - one is $65 and a slightly scuffed one for $50. For more on this pin click the "fanged apple" label below. Bottom left is the vintage and rare "I think, therefore iMac from Apple's Think Different campaign. There are 5 more available at $20 each (they can also be sold separately for $100). For more info on these and other lapel pins click the labels below. This collection of all 9 pins plus the bonus pin are priced at $200 and that includes postage. Add any of the optional extra pins as listed.

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