Friday, July 17, 2020

Insanely Great Vintage 1990's Approaching Macintosh sweatshirt with artwork by Berkeley Breathed

This vintage Macintosh sweat shirt comes from the estate sale of an early Apple employee. It's in excellent condition. The Made in USA Signal tag denotes a size 46 (XL) but it fits like a medium. Seriously - 20" under arms by 22" tall. It appears to be new and unwashed - unusual in a shirt made in the early 1990's.

The artwork comes from the Banana Junior computer created by Berkeley Breathed in Bloom County in the mid 80's. Breathed is printed backwards on both the sweatshirt graphic and on the book cover on the bottom left. The back of the shirt has the text: Approaching Macintosh Team, acknowledging the creation of the manual of hands-on modules that prepares the reader to understand and utilize an array of Macintosh software applications.

This extremely rare Apple shirt is priced at $220 plus insured shipping at cost.To inquire contact Dave via

There is also a copy of the Approaching Macintosh second edition available for $120

Approaching Macintosh: A Guide to Learning MacIntosh Software published 1991 by Michael Tchao et al, via ACM Digital Library

The Banana Junior 6000: Computers and Comedy | Computer History Museum: In late 1984, Breathed introduced a new character, the Banana Junior 9000 (later the Banana Junior 6000, though it is unknown whether this was due to an unseen processor downgrade…) which was adopted by young Oliver Wendell Jones.

Released at the same time as the Macintosh was a fictional computer that was 32-bits and offered a staggering 450KB of memory! It proudly declared that it “Computes! Sorts! Prints! Draws! Figures! Doodles! Slices! Dices! Whistle! Whimpers! Dances! Prances!” It was the most insanely great great computer ever devised for a comic strip.

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