Thursday, January 05, 2023

a collection of 8 iPhone T-shirts

Offered for sale is a set of 8 Apple iPhone t-shirts.

Top left is a size Large black iPhone T-shirt. It is not new and has been washed several times and is in good used condition with only minor fading and cracking of the white screened graphic. This shirt was given out to Apple store employees to promote the release of the iPhone. It has  iPhone on the front (shown) and a small white bitten Apple logo on the back. It is priced at $18.

Top right are two new blue iPhone 3G t-shirts made for the Specialist employees at the Apple Store. It is a hard-to-find adult size Medium and it is unisex. It has a small iPhone graphic on the front of the shirt saying 'iPhone 3G' and text on the back saying 'Twice as Fast. Half the Price.' There is also an Apple logo and the word Specialist on the sleeve. Price is $16 each.

Middle row are two new grey (size M and L)and a new black Apple Computer iPhone Development Camp t-shirt (size L). These rare Apple shirts have the text iPhoneDevCamp with asymmetrical flame graphics that wrap around the side. It was not available to the public. Priced at $50 each.

Bottom row are two new old stock shirts made by FastMac, a Mac upgrade company, when they added five new designs to its Apple T-shirt collection in a series of 5 limited-edition iPhone 2.0 designs that were handed out free outside the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco where Apple was hosting its Worldwide Developers Conference.They were later sold online at the store. The left one is a new size Medium "Can Touch This" shirt priced at $30 - and on the left is a new "I Got iPhone" size Large t-shirt priced at $50. The date 06.29.07 is on the back.

The total list price for these 8 shirts is $280 - buy the full set for $180 USD plus postage. For more info on some of these t-shirts click the iPhone label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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