Monday, May 25, 2020

Red, White and Blueberry G3 iMac collection

G3 iMac collection for sale in western Canada. This is a decent set of G3 iMacs - they are all 450 or 500MHz, with at least 256 Ram, 40GB HD (the Snow has an 80) and all are running 10.4.11 Tiger OS. Not mint - there are scuffs on the plastics and the Blueberry has a couple of scratches on the screen and the Ruby has two small cracks in the sub-case and the price reflects that.

These are far too fragile to ship so local pickup in Nelson BC - just north of Spokane WA. Price is $135 USD for this set of vintage red white and blue iMacs.

There are optional keyboards, mice and other iMacs available. To inquire contact Dave via

click for more computers available

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