Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Let it Snow - a white Apple computer collection

A white Apple computer collection for sale in western Canada: G3, G4, G5 white iMacs, a G3 iBook, Airport Base Station in original box and a white pro mouse. $300 local pick up in Nelson BC - half a block from the firehall where the Steve Martin movie "Roxanne" was filmed.

Included is an Airport Extreme and an untested Time Capsule and a 17" G5 if wanted. All items are white. Extra mice, another G3 iMac and a white keyboard are optional.

The G3 iMac is a 600MHz w/40GB HD, the 17" G4 is an overclocked 800 w/80GB HD with a smudge on the screen, the G5 is a 20" 1.6GHz w/500GB HD.

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