Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Apple iPod Shuffle 1st Gen brand new factory sealed

This is a 1st. generation Apple iPod Shuffle for the collector. The factory seal is intact and it has not been opened or used. It is the original 512 iPod shuffle that came with a neck lanyard and a battery charge that could go for 12 hours. Beyond that you know the details, as you may have had one when they came out and now you can add a factory sealed iDevice to your collection. This game changer mp3 player is priced at $75 plus postage at cost. There is another brand new and unused shuffle identical to this one with the only difference being the seal has been cut and an end flap opened once to verify contents. My faux pas is your gain; it is priced at $50 plus actual postage. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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