Monday, November 30, 2020

Classic Apple Macintosh Picasso XL Sweatshirt

This vintage white long-sleeved cotton/polyester sweat shirt was made in the USA and sewn in Jamaica by Hanes and is size Extra Large. The "Picasso" style design was made to promote the original Apple Macintosh in 1984. The back shows the Apple name in red Garamond font.

This sweatshirt appears to be near new old stock as the tag looks unwashed. This rare vintage Apple collectible is priced $145 plus postage. To inquire contact Dave via

Wayback Machine Archive of Byte Cellar's "Picasso" Macintosh Logo info
The 'Picasso logo', created by Tom Hughes and John Casado, Apple saw as the embodiment of what the Macintosh offered consumers: a vision of style, subtlety, and friendliness that was a marked departure from any other computing experience available to users at the time.

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