Saturday, September 28, 2019

Steve Jobs bulk mailing letter to Power Computing customers circa 1997

This is an Apple marketing letter from Steve Jobs to customers of Power Computing, the maker of Macintosh clones in the 1990s. The letter was written shortly after Apple bought Power Computing in July 1997, and was mailed specifically to customers who had recently purchased a Power Computing computer. It features the rainbow-colored apple in the letterhead and is a digital reproduction of Jobs signature that was used for bulk-mailed letters.

The letter had three purposes: to reassure those customers that Apple will provide support, to promote Apple's new computers, and to invite the customers to take advantage of a Mac OS upgrade offer. The letter comes from a very important time in Apple's history: Jobs had just returned to Apple to take over the CEO position in July of that year and had started the process of canceling all Mac clone licensing agreements. The letter would make a very nice addition to an Apple Macintosh or Power Computing collection.
"First things first: As a co-founder of Apple Computer, I want to welcome you back to the family. (The fact is, of course, that you never really left; most Power Computing customers were Apple customers to begin with, and still are.)"
"Believe me, you'll see some hot new machines in the months ahead. The new Power Macintosh computers will feature new architectures designed to boost performance. These new machines will set speed records for desktop and notebook comptuers — and will confirm Mac OS as the platform of choice for education and creative professions."
"As Apple introduces these new models in the coming months, we'll also be exploring new ways to deliver and custom-configure our products. And we plan to adopt some of the innovative approaches to selling that made Power Computing such a big hit with customers."
The letter is in very good condition. It has two original folds and signs of handling but no tears or other folds and can be mailed at the cost of postage in a flat envelope or rolled in a tube. It is priced at $30. To inquire contact Dave via

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