Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Apple Europe t-shirt collection

Imported from Lausanne, Switzerland, 6 proudly worn Apple Mac shirts. They are rarely seen on this side of the pond, and while not new would be an awesome addition to any Apple shirt collection. The two on the left are showing fronts, the others are backs. Click the image to see a full screen photo. Clockwise: the upper left brown is *I heart my iPod*, white center is *mac the knife*, grey upper right is *it's a mac thing*, bottom right gray is *os x windows killer*, center bottom black is *apple insider/banned in cupertino* and bottom left white is *ok - aqua fresh*.

All but the brown *iPod* have graphics on both sides. All are in worn/washed but decent condition. Only the brown shirt has a tag (the rest have been cut off) - they are all medium or large. This Apple collection, complete with box showing Swiss postage of 32 francs (about par with the $) is for sale from KootenayMac for $120 and is available for mailing. The Mac the Knife shirt is probably worth most of the purchase price. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

Mac the Knife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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