Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rare WWDC 1st Mac OS T-Shirt

This is a vintage 1995 WWDC Apple T-shirt, one of three limited edition Mac OS launch promo shirts designed for the conference. These came out when Macintosh System Software (then called System 7) was renamed in late 1994 to Mac OS in response to the Windows logo that was starting to appear on all software packaging. Background on this can be found in the Apple T-Shirts book on page 51 in a section called OS Confusion. This shirt is shown on page 153 and the other 2 variations are on page 154. This is the Develop Your Software version. The new Mac OS happy face software marketing logo is on front of shirt. On back of T-shirt is a small rainbow bitten Apple with the text:

Develop your software
The software you were born with helps you write code
into the wee small hours, find the bugs in your
competitors' products, and create fake demos for the
first six months of a project. It deserves the operating
system designed to work with it: the Mac OS.

1995 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

This shirt is a size Large Oneita Power-T, with the 100% cotton fabric made in the USA and sewn in Jamaica. It is almost 20 years old, has been washed yet is still in good condition with no tears, rips or cracking in the screened graphics. You will be hard pressed to locate another of these rare 1st. gen OS logo WWDC Apple collectible shirts and the text is a hoot! It is priced at $125 with insured postage at cost. To inquire contact Dave via

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