Monday, March 18, 2019

Apple G3 PowerMac 300 tower

For sale is a working 1999 Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 (Blue & White) tower with non-matching but correct factory box with original styro packing. The tower has a vga video card, built in zip drive, 256 Ram, running 9.2.2 OS on an upgraded 20GB HD - the original hard drive is included as is a LaCie usb external drive with manual and cords. Included are 3 manuals and a rainbow power cord. It will need a new 3.6V pram battery.

This B&W tower is very clean, does not have any scratches on the blue side cover Apple logos but has 2 typical cracks at the side panel screw holes as shown. The price is $50 USD - add 40$ for the keyboard and mouse. An optional accessories box from a different B&W can be added for $30. Shipping is available in the factory box but would be expensive these days - local pickup in western Canada preferred. There are other vintage computers available - click the labels below. To inquire contact Dave via

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