Thursday, January 10, 2019

Apple Store Nano-Chromatic Specialist T-Shirt

This is an Apple Store employee uniform t-shirt. The t-shirt is teal blue, Medium size, and made by American Apparel. It has been worn twice in the NY Apple store and has been washed twice. The front of the shirt says "Nano-Chromatic" in a rainbow gradient lettering, while the left sleeve has a white apple logo and text that says "Specialist". The back of the shirt (pictured left) has the 9 different colors ipod nanos and the text is "The New Ipod Nano". This shirt was the store uniform promo for the new 2008 iPod Nano premiere and is no longer in production. click here to see the front of the shirt

The Apple iPod "nanochromatic" shirt is a rare collectible and is priced at $22 - To inquire contact Dave via
(update: another Nanochromatic shirt has arrived from Las Vegas - a brand new never worn size XL priced at $30)

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