Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Apple Macintosh themed license plate collection

This Apple and Macintosh related collection of license plate memorabilia includes a new reproduction 1984 California plate commemorating the launch of the 128 Macintosh - black plate on the left - and it is priced at $40. The red one is an un-issued Kansas plate with WOZ on it and includes the original un-mailed envelope - the price is $220 - it was signed by Steve Wozniak in August 2015. The other black plate (on the right) with a rainbow bitten Apple is from the Apple store in Cupertino back in the 80's. It is high gloss plastic with a few scuffs from over the years and is $60. The Yosemite is an aluminum reproduction celebrating the national park that Mac OS X 10.10 was named after. It is priced at $40.

In an unopened bag at the back right is a brand new old stock unwashed unworn impossible to find genuine Apple t-shirt with a very nicely screened Open Mac graphic. It is featured in the Apple T-shirts Book and is priced at $145. Below it on the right is a new old stock unworn unwashed Apple shirt from the Imaging Division in 1997 which was the year Steve Jobs returned to Apple. On the back is the front of a 1949 Pontiac with the same license plate. This is an Apple tip of the hat to the Pontiac Division of GM as the 3 millionth Pontiac was built in February of 1949. The price is $150. Click the Billion label below for more info on this rare shirt.

The beige plate on lower right is a hard to find vintage Apple logo from the '80's using the Motter Tektura font that was used for the Apple II logo - it is $80. Bottom left Macintosh Way is an aluminum street sign with a nod to the Evangelist who wrote a manual of the same name in 1990. It is $35.

The large rainbow apple decal at the top is very rare as it was used for the transport trucks that hauled out of the Fremont California Apple factory in the '80's and is priced at $95.

This collection of plates and signs is available for $475 with insured postage included in the price. I prefer to sell the plate collection as a set. The shirts and decal are extra. For more info on these items click the labels below and to inquire further contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

A Think Different license plate frame is available at Missingbite

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