Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Vintage New Apple Logo Mouse Pads

Classic Flavor Mac Apple Logo Aqua Mouse Pads. They look great next to your iMac or just a nice place to set your coffee cup on. They are made from thin, strong Tevalite by Microthin with a high traction undercoating to adhere to your desk and they work with all optical and mechanical mice.of note; some smudges are on the sticky coating from handling and storage over the years.

New-old-stock from back in the G3 FlavorMac era -- the 2 bottom ones - the Lime and Strawberry and mouse pads are still available - the Blueberry and Grape have been sold and the Tangerine is part of another collection. They measure 7.5 inch in diameter, Apple part number L04108A -- $20 each with mailing included, both for $30. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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