Thursday, January 24, 2019

APPLE Singapore PowerMac Breakthrough T-shirts

Rare vintage APPLE Singapore employee-only brand new without tags dark blue t-shirts.
Features: Apple Singapore: "Can Do!!!" caption printed on front. "Power Macintosh Breakthrough!" slogan with large fist graphic wearing an Apple logo ring printed on back.
Color: Navy Blue. Fabric: 100% cotton. Sizes: Medium (M) and Large (L).
Totally rare Apple logo Apple Singapore team shirt only available to those who worked on the Apple Education team in the early '90's. You had to be at the Apple Singapore office to get one of these shirts. Great shirts, quality fabric and construction throughout. May be the only ones available in North America - these Apple collectibles are priced at $45 for the Medium and $50 for the Large. To inquire contact Dave via

Click here to see larger image of the Apple logo fist shattering PC myths.

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