Thursday, September 14, 2023

1996 PowerComputing "We're Fighting Back For Mac" CD-ROM

"Marketing Weasels at work." This is your chance to own a factory sealed 1996 Power Computing Mac OS "WE'RE FIGHTING BACK FOR MAC" CD-Rom. Power Computing Corporation was the first company selected by Apple Inc to create Macintosh-compatible computers ("Mac clones"). Steve Kahng, a computer engineer best known for his design of the Leading Edge Model D, founded the company in November 1993. Power Computing started out with financial backing from Olivetti ($5 million) and $4 million of Mr. Kahng’s money.

The first Mac-compatible (clone) PC shipped in May 1995. Like Dell Computer, Power Computing followed a direct, build-to-order sales model. In one year, Power Computing shipped 100,000 units with revenues of $250 million in the first year. The Mac clone business was killed after Steve Jobs returned as interim CEO of Apple in July 1997. In September, Apple bought Power Computing for $100 million in Apple stock and terminated the Mac cloning business. This brand new old stock CD-Rom is priced for the Apple clone collector at $30. To view several other PowerComputing shirts, posters and hardware, click the label below. To inquire contact Dave via

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