Monday, May 15, 2017

Apple Computer and Company Store embroidered hat collection

update: the surfer dude hat has been sold

This is now a collection of  4 Apple hats plus one Microsoft for Mac and a bonus hat. There are three black hats from the Apple Company Store collected over the years. They all have the bitten Apple logo in silvery grey embroidery on the front. The back middle reversed hat shows the url on the back. The two black hats on the left have just the bitten apples and no text. Shown also at the top left are two views of a bonus Microsoft hat: on the Occupy mask is a hat with a finger print plus the text "Be Sure It's Legal" and the back of the hat has The lower left black hat is a polyester and spandex twill by FlexFit. The others are a lighter cotton fabric with adjustable back straps.
The 3 black Apple hats are priced at $25 each. The rare blue denim Surfer Dude youth hat from Gear for Sports is $40. The center front hat is beige and brown with Apple spelled in the Garamond font and it is priced at $40. The MS Applications for Mac is $5 and the Keep it Legal hat is free. The mask is not included. While few are brand new, they show very little signs of wear or age. Total for all 7 is $155 plus postage at cost. I prefer to sell as a complete collection but the 3 black hats may be purchased as a unit. Click the cap or hat labels below for more info. To inquire contact Dave via

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