Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Vintage Apple postcard collection

This is a collection of 3 genuine vintage Apple postcards plus another made on a Mac clone. A 5th bonus card is included as it is for Yosemite's El Capitan and is very similar to the image used in the OS. They are  displayed on a 30th Anniversary poster which is also available.

The top left card is from National Postcard Week May 5-11, 1985 promoting an Apple clone dealer in Decatur GA. It was designed and printed with a Franklin Ace. There is no handwriting on it and no stamp or postmark and the condition is VG. The price is $20.

The top right card is a new unused Apple reseller card from 1992 promoting the Macintosh Duo Dock System. It is priced at $25.

The lower middle card was sent in the 80's to a client from the Santa Rosa California Computer Center. It features the IIc, IIe, IIGS, the Mac Plus and the Mac SE and offers a rebate on selected add-ons. It is priced at $25.

At the bottom right is new unused bitten rainbow Apple card from the Think Different era. It has a 1-800 number for an Apple authorised reseller and shows the url www.apple.co.za. It is priced at $20.

The Yosemite card is included free; the Happy Birthday, Mac poster is $50 plus postage. The postcards' total is $90 and postage is included. You can also include a Steve Jobs postage stamp - MNH - for $12. To inquire contact Dave via kootenaymac.tel

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