Friday, March 10, 2017

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AltaColumbia - a Cascadia concepts site
Shown is a screen shot of a parked 12 page website designed to promote the history, culture and beauty of the Pacific northwest coastal rain forest from Northern California to the Alaska panhandle. It is a link based reference site that covers all aspects of Cascadia: news, First Nations, touring, parks, wineries, crafts, maps, environment, legends, lore and political autonomy.

The original intent was a localized search engine, hence the Alta (like Vista), for the physical area of the Columbia River drainage basin. You can have the website as well as the domain name Another use of the name might be more Canadian as it combines both Alberta and British Columbia. A more subtle concept was the "high" meaning of alta in Latin as the West moved towards legalization of weed. Additionally there is interest in independence and autonomy as a Pac Rim nation state. Your choice.

The AltaColumbia link at the top goes to a Wayback Machine capture of the entire site from 2006 - it was active for 9 years and had 100K visits. You can navigate through it by clicking the sub headers at the top of the page. The site was built on a Mac in Adobe Go-Live and is editable in Dreamweaver. It is currently parked where it was hosted in Nelson BC and can be reactivated and hosted cheaply or moved easily to another IP or you can start your own site from scratch anywhere with the purchase of the domain name. Accepting offers. To inquire contact Dave via

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