Monday, September 23, 2019

Vintage Apple computer coffee cups collection

For sale is a collection of vintage ceramic coffee mugs featuring the Apple Computer rainbow logo and Garamond font. The 2 in front are a slightly darker shade of white than the back 3. Two of the back 3 are perfect and one mug is used. The overall condition is very good with just a few scuffs/scratches to the black lettering from being displayed in a collection for 10+ years. They are very nice and clean and are offered for sale for $55 each. Insured mailing will be at cost of postage depending on your location. To inquire contact Dave via

update: all 5 are $275. The front 2 are $110, the back 3 are $165. a 4th mug like the back 3 is available and has a small chip on the handle and it is priced at $40. the 30 Mac birthday poster is also available.

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